To the sea you can go for two thousand

Ukrainians are ready to spend on summer holidays from 2 to 30 thousand UAH, according to the survey “”. 15% of people claim that working without holidays.

— Rest in Ukraine has risen by 15 percent, compared to last year. The cheapest ticket to the sea is from 2 thousand hryvnias per person. For the money you can go to the Iron Port or the Skadovsk in the Kherson region. More expensive options — for 6-10 thousand. Actively go to have a rest in Koblevo in nikolayevshchina. You can choose resorts with or without meals. The first option is more expensive. The second two will be able to relax a week for 5 thousand hryvnia — says the Manager of the company “Svetlana Tour” 27-year-old Anna Kostyrya. — For Ukrainian tourists holiday by the sea is more traditional. The Carpathians are coming less frequently. However, in the summer there is not a season. Cottages at popular resorts can be rented from 100 UAH per person. For example, a week of rest in Slavske Lviv region for two costs 9800 the hryvnia. The price includes food. Summer in the Carpathian mountains of entertainment no less than in winter. It’s Hiking in the mountains, picking berries and mushrooms, swimming in the rivers. In the village of Solotvyno in Transcarpathia there are salt lakes with beaches. One day you can go to Bucci canyon in the Cherkasy region. It costs 470 UAH per person. For 500 hryvnia are offered to relax at the Blue lakes in the Chernihiv region. Go there with children, companies, satisfied birthdays.

Holidays in Ukraine choose families who don’t want to travel far with kids or are afraid to fly. Also elderly people. Mostly young people going abroad. Where the service is better. Mainly bought trips to Egypt. Week’s holiday with flights and meals is 800-1000 dollars for two — 20-26 thousand hryvnias. On trips to Turkey demand fell, because there prices went up. People who are looking for something new, go to Albania. The rest can be combined with excursions. A trip for two costs about 500-600 Euro 14-17 thousand hryvnias. Holidays in Montenegro, Croatia will cost 800-1200 euros. To go to the United Arab Emirates can for 2000 dollars — more than 51 thousand hryvnias.


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