“To survive, you eat the ground. And will feed the ground” – as war broke out in the Donbass

Author: Mar Jan Chornic

The novel “Daughter” of the author Tamara Goria the Grain was presented in Lviv on 19 September

19 September in the framework of the thematic cluster of “War” at the Forum of publishers in Lviv presented the novel “Daughter” of the author Tamara Goria the Grain.

“I have made “Dotsyu” in the list of compulsory reading memoirs – and not only Ukrainian,” – wrote in a newspaper column of July 16, the writer Oksana Zabuzhko about the new novel-the representative of “veterans’ prose.”

Next month we will buy it in the store, the Kiev military equipment “Checkpoint”, and in September come to meet the author of the text.

“This is one of my personal biggest literary discoveries of recent times”, says in the beginning of the presentation of Alexander Koval, Director of the Ukrainian Institute of the book.

Room on the second floor of the Museum of Ethnography is full. Volunteers deliver the chair. Some of those present standing, just leaning on the wall, some sitting on the floor. Hype, many of you already have a copy of his “Doc”. People consider leaflets, nested inside one for the book. It – Donetsk before the war, free, nerazviti and Ukrainian.

“As Director of the Institute, I promise to do everything necessary so that this book was promoted properly. And especially abroad. I now have the next event, so, unfortunately, I have to say goodbye. You know how these government officials, myself listen and go. I already am “.

Until last year farrier for 25 years was President of the public organization “Forum of publishers”.

Following the presentation of the novel will take place at the world book fair in Frankfurt from 16 to 20 October.

Author: Mar Jan Chornic

“Daughter” – the first novel writer Tamara Goria Grain

The microphone picks the author – Tamara Duda, alias Tamara Goria the Grain. In civilian life she is a translator. With her husband Svyatoslav Boyko isa soloist of the Ukrainian group “Wide all right”, raising two daughters and a son. More than two years Tamara with Svyatoslav lived in roading. Their volunteer help was at all points, where for 2014-15-x were fighting.

“I am grateful and touched. It’s an honor, turmoil, pride to stand here to speak to you. On the way over I was thinking to myself: I am from Kiev, wrote a book about a resident of Donetsk and will present it to the citizens. What is common unites the inhabitants of these three cities , what the hell is close and clear to all of us? Is there.

What is in Ukraine this, so we can win? On what can we rely? The only trump card that is – our inner power and awareness of who we are and that we are fighting. Solely on stubbornness we will win this war. Fortitude, tenacity, stubbornness. Correctly say that Ukrainians can not be hurt, because ultimately they don’t burn the ships, and ports”.

Her tone is calm, but the voice sounds clearly, even strongly. Dressed in a light sweater and jeans, tied on the neck scarf. Hair slightly above the shoulders, curly. Chubby and if really eye-grains, her face gives peace of mind.

“This is a book about how peaceful the woman lived in Donetsk, was an artist, had plans, was not involved in politics. How it from section to section shown in himself that power that had no idea. How she becomes what work is doing, staying the same little woman with 40 kg of weight, in a low voice, limited finances. But what it capsule that power which is called the awareness of being Ukrainian! What power lies in the understanding that I have the right to be called so that this is my land and this directly concerns me that only I am responsible for my country.

A great tragedy that our people convinced that we are ordinary

People were forced either to forget, or to pretend that he had forgotten belonging to its kind.”

“How did you come to this that had exactly what to write?” – refers to the author Zabuzhko.

“When I asked where my biography, which we will include in the book, I said we’re not going to do. Used an alias, because no matter who I am. I’m not looking for popularity as people. To me the book is more important for the fact that it was written by me.

When talking about front-line volunteers, I have the right to be called. My husband and I traveled all the areas where fighting has taken place”.

The novel “Daughter”, created from the experiences of real people. Each character of the text has its real prototype.

“But it is novel. It can be called a Thriller, detective, romance novel. But this love, I see love. For me it acts. I have two daughters and I teach them that men can not be trusted nor one word. It is necessary to look only at what they do. One act replaces hundreds of words. This is the philosophy embodied in the book.

When they began to appear veteran and volunteer books, many of them were in Russian. In parallel with conversations about the language of writing was a dispute about whether in General be military literature. But if there is war, there must be war prose. I decided to write a Ukrainian product.

The job spent a year and a half. For me it’s a lot. About a year I was collecting material: recorded interviews, sought out immigrants, soldiers, natives of the occupied territories, reviewed in the network all the video on those events.

A lot of people wrote to me and said that indeed it was, as in the book: and those streets and those houses. And I still only from Google maps know.

My achievement as an author is that a lot of people said, “We never thought about it” and “I saw everything, like with my own eyes”

I wanted the reader himself identified with the heroine. When she says “I” so it was your “I”. That is why the heroine in the book has no name.

In my opinion, the experience we take from this book can be applied in any other city of Ukraine, in any other situation. The novel is not only about how people survived and fought in the occupation as perceived by propaganda, as was becoming in one direction or another.

“School,” and how man retains dignity and themselves in difficult circumstances

How, starting from the bottom, the man realizes that the world could collapse everything, but there are things that will not yield. Each of us sooner or later is left alone with their choice.

Author: Mar Jan Chornic

The novel “Daughter,” Oksana Zabuzhko called required reading for the memoirs

“He” is the Callsign of the heroine on behalf of which this book is written – continues Oksana Zabuzhko. On this book I came clean case. So it turns out that the institutionalized literature we supposedly separately, and veteran – separately. But when the number of such books already exceeds 200, then we have to tell the critics: “gentlemen, you don’t notice anything”. At least from a sociological point of view, it’s time to pay attention to a new experience in the Ukrainian culture, which got its articulation.

My readers of the “Book Arsenal” in Kiev told “Dotsyu”. Said that there in the veterans ‘ tent has a woman writing a novel. I sat behind her and hadn’t read to the end in three in the morning and not closed. Finally, I saw a coherently and integrally, from the spring to the winter of 2014 in the Donetsk occurred.

This book is largely about how the war erupted. Or incite technologically

I would recommend the text to make incisions in chronological order. Even now all I remember. In the book all put together, insanely dramatic. If you find yourself in the Donetsk. The rallies, the death of Dmytro Cherniavsky, the crash of Boeing MH17. But over time, all priapulida.

A very strong point about the first meetings in the city. As 100 00 Shakhtar came out with yellow-blue flags, to show “we – Ukraine”. And “we did not know that we had to convince, and we were going to kill”.

In the text we read about this everyday materiel that falls on women’s shoulders, and from that develops the invisible the rest of Ukraine, the resistance movement”.

Any description, the dialogue, the situation, the view outside the window, the conversation mentioned in the book have actually happened

“For example, I spent almost a week before they found out, as he closed the last branch of the “Intime” in Donetsk. As people were leaving on the last train, which was the last flight out of the airport and how much is it worth Parking the car. Of course, this book would not exist if it were not for the heroine. Her name is Natalia, call “Elf”. Now she lives with her family in Lviv. Sorry I can’t see it, ” says Tamara Goria the Grain.

Author: Mar Jan Chornic

The author embraces a volunteer “Elf”, she’s the main character “Doc”

But Natalia is. It rises with its additional delivered under the wall seats. Someone from the audience jumps up, applauding, someone not fighting back tears, pop from place. The author and the heroine embrace. Rise all those present, the hall is filled with unrestrained applause. Not stop tears, and Oksana Zabuzhko.

The woman is with the writers, she also shed tears.

“We met on the basis of intelligence, trait-where. Before the war knew each other in absentia. When it started, I was afraid to call my Donetsk friends, as it was unknown who’s side are gone. To my great relief, Natalia is on our side.

She is one of the most effective spies, underground fighters and coordinators of volunteer help in the area of ATO on the front line, ” says the author of “Doc”.

Hall breaks with applause.

“She saved a lot of fighters. A number of brethren, living and dead, standing behind her and cut the throat of anyone for our “Elf”. What she did was a feat of which nobody knows. I’m grateful that she allowed me to do it,” concludes Tamara.

“I don’t know what to add. But mistress Natalia is a very good book. It’s not like when I ask about this, but I’ll ask for permission to be photographed,” says Oksana Zabuzhko.

Author: Mar Jan Chornic

All who already in the presentation was their “Doc”, wanted to sign books from the author and the protagonist of the novel

Author: Mar Jan Chornic

Natalia “Elf”, the prototype of which is the main character in the book, signed books to readers

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At the Book Forum in Lviv presented a book “War in 140 characters. How social media is changing conflict of XXI century” David Patrikarakos, a British reporter and writer.


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