To resist Zionism can and should

To oppose Zionism is easy – you just need to know his weak mestan way all reasonable people, trying to find effective ways of struggle against Zionism – the Bane of the human race, an insurmountable wall up lies and laws, implanted obedient slaves of the Zionists around the world…


Defeating Zionism

The Author Evgenii Anisimov

Over the past 30 years about Zionism has been said and written over the last 300 years. Talked about everything from the ritual devouring of babies to the killing of millions of people in the World wars. So, in a procedural language, with the evidence base we have a full order – a couple of Nuremberg had enough.

But with the application base, the situation is worse. On the way to all reasonable people, trying to find ways of dealing with this curse of the human race, an insurmountable wall up laws implanted pravitelstvujushchy slaves of Zionists around the world. These laws allow batons and tear gas to disperse people trying to capture wall street, put in prison intellectuals trying to expose the history of revisionist analysis and send the Russian to release to the colony on the 282-th article of the criminal code .

Moreover, wittingly or unwittingly, allowing a massive influx of knowledge, the Zionists cleverly turned this process in their favor. Over the past 10 years has greatly increased performances of Jewish figures from the new York Rabbi Finkelstein and his namesake Professor Norman Finkelstein, to the chiasm Hodos, in which they openly acknowledge the facts of the Zionist genocide against Humanity. Conducting the most horrific psychological attack, the meaning of which is to show the Gentiles that today the Zionists are already able to do on this planet whatever, without fear of any punishment for their crimes.

However, without affecting those of the ancient Khazars and other historical phenomena, to see with my own eyes which I did not, I would like to focus on two more recent facts of victories over the Jews, to show that such wins are possible and real.

The first fact is, unfortunately, also quite ancient, and I cite it only from a sense of pride in our ancestors. As a source I can recommend looking for evidence to view the article in Wikipedia on this topic, and visit the municipal Museum of the Hague, in which are stored the dusty volumes of the accounts of various Jewish merchants to settle in the area of Antwerp in Belgium, the Dutch Den Helder.

In 1591, in Arkhangelsk, the ship sails Isaac Le Mayor (Isaac lane-with-sea), the future founder of the East India company (it would be better to call it Indonesian, because Eastern India to Indonesia and only due to geographic illiteracy accompanied on the trip to Amsterdam the Embassy of Peter I clerk-Secretary in the Russian language were fixed incorrect translation).

Ashore gullible to the Russian natives, izyaslavsky the gibberish, enlightened European Isaac with gestures and rolled eyes filled ship furs, wax and caviar, taking goods on realization. Since the local savages refused to take the products of democracy in the form of glass beads and the more axes, which they and their were plenty. Besides, the savages were so naive that they believe in the word of the merchant-Jew.

Arriving in the port of Den Helder, Isaac quickly shook the contents of the ship through the surrounding markets, and counting the profit, immediately sent a ship under his cousin James fan de Valle (St. Jacob from the pier) for a new party. Arriving in Arkhangelsk, Jacob likewise began to roll his eyes and shrug, complaining of difficulties with housing, floating exchange rate, and unfavorable investment climate. Hinting that if they would give him another ship bellows, it is possible, it will be possible somehow to cover the losses.

Russian “savages” politely and silently listened to the lesson of democracy, and then took demokratia by the collar and shoved in a cold house under lock and key until the full payback for the stolen wealth. Thereby causing permanent offense to the sacred interests of the Jews. Offense, which they will never forgive Russia.

The curious thing is that the authorities in the form of the Lord and archers, rushed to beat the men for the salvation of the Jewish banking system, but quite the contrary: the archers volunteered at their own expense to guard the prisoner until then, until the Jews will not pay for theft.

Sailors with an empty ship returned in Den Helder and told Isaac about the incident. And Isaac sat down at the bills. Behind the door is raging 80-year war between the Netherlands and Spain, and to get the soldiers for the burning of Arkhangelsk difficult. It is necessary to collect the Germans, and it’s expensive. However, to save a relative is still necessary, because otherwise brothers in race did not understand. And unheard of happened: the merchant was a Jew paid off with the Russians at their specified price, since it came out cheaper.

(Interestingly, at the grave of Isaac Le Mayor bears the inscription tells that he died of grief, because sentences of different vessels, he had to pay 150.000 guilders in fines. Received 3 Guilder a year, the Carver a little mistake on one order: in fact, the various suits Isaac paid more than 1,600,000 guilders. And died it is not from hunger).

Since in Arkhangelsk stopped manufacturing implementation, merchants-Jews had every time to pay for the product in cash, making their hatred of the Russian has reached unprecedented dimensions. Because, taking away the Jews money for your goods, the Russians struck at the most painful point in Jewish psychology: all types of property on the planet are Jewish and can only belong to the Jews.

Unfortunately, Arkhangelsk had to pay for his victory over the Jews at least twice. In the period of the Crimean war of 1853-56. the English fleet bombarded the Arkhangelsk devastating bombing, not pursuing any military objectives, but perfect only in order to punish the descendants of the blasphemers who dared to raise a hand against a Jew. On absolutely the same grounds landed in Arkhangelsk the British in 1918, the first of all set itself the task to destroy as much of the Russian population, simultaneously Stripping the Russian corpses everything I could to sneak away.

The second example of a victory over Zionism is quite fresh, and shows victory on a cornerstone of Jewish power: usurious interest rates.

The island of Iceland, where on the territory of 103 thousand square kilometers are home to 329 thousand young people with an average age of 35 years. 2/3 of the population (217 million) live in the capital, so lead the people of the country the speech is much easier than in new York or Moscow.

Because of their historical habits of the Icelandic Vikings are not familiar with the concept of “usury”. If the Viking, why it needs money, it either goes in a boat to Rob the neighbors, or go to a neighbor to borrow “to the environment”, under parole, and without any interest. Because until the second half of the twentieth century the concept of “door lock” was for the inhabitants of Iceland in the same unknown, as the concept of “life on Mars”.

By the end of the twentieth century in the country of nowhere appear 3 Jewish Bank, which begin to give the natives money for the hell of percent of type of 8-10% per annum (in Europe 2-4%), using the fact that the natives just don’t understand what is meant by the percent. But in the beginning of the century in Reykjavik and start to spread rumors that the banks not only require the interest, but really take the interest. Moreover, the government traditionally covers banks, giving them government guarantees and thereby bringing their own people in sacrifice.

In 2008, the population of the capital, that is, 2/3 of the population out on the streets demanding an end to the sacrilegious violation of the traditions of their ancestors and to cancel any interest. Banks start together waving pieces of paper with the seals of the government, that the population responds with a simple statement: “Who gave you these assurances? But with them and ask, and leave the people alone.”

As a result, covering banks, the government falls, the Prime Minister Haarde Geir (Geir Haarde) is court-martialed for betraying the people’s interests, and elections in April 2013 the power in Iceland comes 38-year-old Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson (Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson) who nationalisim banks and cancels the mortgage interest for the residents of the country.

3 years is the struggle of the indigenous population that inhabited by the Jewish bankers, and the public wins. Despite the fact that three years of struggle the speculative stock market of Iceland collapsed by 90%, GDP fell by 10% devaluation of the Icelandic Krona amounted to almost 50% (from 131 crowns per Euro in 2007 to 240 kronor per Euro in 2014), and the budget filled mostly with the assistance of the Scandinavian countries, in 2011 in the country, get rid of the Jewish domination of the banks, came the unprecedented economic prosperity.

Taking the 132-th place in the world in terms of GDP, the country in 2017 is firmly in the top twenty richest countries of the world: 13th place for human development index and 19th place in terms of GDP per capita. For reference, Russia on these indicators is respectively 49and 69-th place.

Tending to the enslavement and destruction of humanity, Zionism stands on two legs: interest and sacred relation to their own property. However, as the examples of Arkhangelsk and Reykjavik victory is possible.

Unlike other countries, Russia has a unique national structure in the form of onf, which can and must lead the struggle for the liberation of the country by pulling the government requirement for the lifting of Bank usury. All the conditions for extension of such requirements the government has established, and it is the main merit of Putin in all the years of his reign.

The case for small: what kind of regional Committee of the popular front is first to send a request to the government for this reason?

Evgeny Anisimov, 15.05.2017



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