To defend the Fatherland to the mind

President Vladimir Putin has skillfully defends Russia from Putin parasitosises our happiness was very clever and skillful politician. Skillfully maneuvering in the pack of predators and intelligent “jingling” of nuclear weapons, he gave to draw Russia into a disastrous war “to the last Russian”…



To defend the Fatherland to the mind

The Author – Dmitry Bayda

In order to understand what is really going on in Russia and the World, we need to understand the following: our planet has more than 10 thousand years occupied space bandits – intelligent beings of the humanoid type gray race, from the so-called Pekelnya worlds. These figures are adapted not to work, and to Rob the neighbors, and due to this good living. These “gentlemen” a lot in the Universe, and we call them all EN masse by the Dark Forces.

The victims from the acts of the Dark was very unhappy with the situation and began to object to the aggressor. So billions of years ago there was a real “Star war» that has already killed millions of civilizations . Unfortunately, the Dark was so agile and resourceful that during the wars with Light Forces already 2 times destroyed Large Universe, and Life in Space already 2 times was reborn again.

This can be attempt to cross out, to forget, to throw stones, you can try to take offense at it or just cry with vexation, but our lives will not become better! Our life significantly better, only if we begin to strongly resist the aggressor!

Today “Star war» – the war between the “normal” smart people (like you) and “social parasites” (space bandits), lasting for billions of years in the third “reincarnation” of the Grand Universe, gradually ending.

This became possible after Nicolai Levashov managed to destroy the main hierarchy of the Dark Forces, and now he created «white brotherhood» consisting of the most intelligent and knowledgeable of the warriors of Light Forces, is mopping up the Universes from the numerous gangs of parasites who continue to earn one robbery and robbery. As much detail as possible the situation described in our new book, “Nicolai Levashov – lucky star of Humanity”.


Nicolai Levashov in his castle in France after the death of Svetlana

On our planet many thousands of years of war with the parasitic System also goes to the final stage. However, we are bandits resist with all forces! If in the twentieth century parasitic West received from Russia a few times “in a brazen red face”, sometimes trying to masquerade as “partners”, but now the parasites were forced to dropped the mask of peace and strengthened active hostilities aimed at the destruction of Russia. Direct evidence for this was the report of the expert Committee on international relations of the Senate USA in which it was explicitly stated that “Putin must be destroyed, and Russia destroyed for the benefit of “great America…»

And they have such plans exist not only for Russia! If in the beginning of the last, twentieth century the white people on Earth, there were more than billion, which was more than 50% of the world’s population by the end of this bloody century, the number of white man decreased several times.

Here is a good example: in 1897 the population of the Russian Empire were estimated at $ 125 million. But today, after 120 years, the number of Russians is 145 million. man. And how many of them could be, if it were not genocide’s Russ at least in the last 100 years? Let’s see…

In an average period of doubling of population in 50 years, the population of Russia today would have to be more than 500 million people! Thus, in the previous century, Russia lost more 350 million. population due to wars, revolutions (coups), famine, disease, vaccination, children in the womb, and many other factors.

Here we are talking about white race because white people are descendants of the Slavic-Aryan – our ancestors colonized this planet about a million years ago, and many hundreds of thousands of years lived on this Earth happy alone. Then, about Forty thousands of years ago, the parasites have tricked them to take the Land of refugees yellow, black and red races, destroyed planets, and that was the beginning of a mystery, “invisible”, a thousand-year war against the white race on our planet.

Luckily, the parasites failed to find a way to quickly kill all our ancestors who spared their lives and health to fight the dark scourge. So recently our implacable war with the wild West turned into a more sophisticated form. Gradually was bribed and recruited almost all the Jews that took almost an entire top layer of society in Russia. And now this hefty Kagan, in fact, become a bandit, independently engaged in the destruction of the Russian people. For this use lot unusual and not previously known to us methods of genocide.

Thanks to the efforts of parasites, all our life and our entire life now arranged so that constantly shorten our lives, by slow poisoning is very diverse “non-combat” toxic substances (PSBs). Some of the most simple methods of mass destruction were transferred to me in a recent article, “if we can defeat old age?”.

And thoroughness of the organization, originality and mass of deadly traps embedded in our lives, “partners” and “well-wishers”, says that all this was done decades has been done not surprisingly and always was planned and approved the most Supreme our power (Politburo CPSU)!

Parasites destroy Russia, and likewise destroy the majority of the other countries of our civilization. Before them the task the destruction of the entire population of the planet. USA today, they are fighting in 149 countries of the world One hundred ninety existing and constantly without any hesitation kill a huge number of people.

And if we want to at least stay alive in this slaughter, we need to “keep eyes open”, i.e. himself seriously take care of their own safety and constantly inform about our countrymen and other Nations all over the World! Without this knowledges’ people will not be able to fend off parasites and to survive on Earth, and it is for mass distribution of this information Nikolai Levashov at the time it was established Russian Public Movement «Revival. golden age»!

It is now well understood that world’s parasitic West will not be for quite some time. We will have to fight desperately for their lives, first and foremost, by the early educations our compatriots’ Worldwide reliable knowledges that they know and remember, who is our enemy why he is fighting with us, and how to overcome this irreconcilable struggle.

Parasites themselves that we do not stop. If we want survive as a civilization of white people, we have to contend with the influence of the parasites daily and hourly, to fight at home, at work, on vacation, everywhere. The simplest of our actions – the so-called passive resistance – a few years ago briefly described in the article “Defend the Fatherland!”.

But in addition to described, before us stand up and quite other task we need to work with people in our “household” level, to help compatriots once again become reasonable people and learn to recognize the enemy, which today is hidden behind millions of faces. We need to educate people to help them again to become literate, sane, honest, responsible, strong and smart!


Luckily, all it knows is the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. No wonder he’s not answering the bloody provocations of parasites and their numerous servants. He realizes that a hot war beneficial only to the enemies Humanities. And they especially like it when white people do kill each other in civil wars. But us and so there are very few, so it’s time to act much smarter. This is what the President said at a meeting with his Trustees January 30, 2018.

He very clearly said that Russia needs not to fight and struggling develop! We need to strive forward no matter what. We need to restore education, science, health, manufacture, technology, infrastructure and everything else that is needed for a long, healthy, sensible and happy life of future generations.

With the earth servants parasites also must be seriously addressed, but not through a hot war. In them there is no need! To fight themselves they can’t: they don’t have to do any “brain” or “muscle”. They’re just bandits, i.e. more animals than people. So they only know how to kill from the corner and miss anything “not nailed down”. So, the most efficient way they can win in very different ways – peaceful. They’re just simply, brainwashed people. And it should help them to lose obsession, as it’s pretty quickly going to change. With, without “bloodshed».

President Vladimir Putin knows this, so struggling to manoeuvre to keep the peace as long as possible. On the other hand, it is rapidly increasing industrial capabilities and capacity of our Armed Forces, to the confidence of the bandits in their impunity was gone as quickly as possible. Here such simple, but quite reliable way President Vladimir Putin peacefully victorious in the last world war on our long-suffering planet.



Our enemies understand this well, but to do nothing may, because those who many centuries gave them a distinct advantage over us already for the most part destroyed. So the earth gangbangers from impotence remains only to eat their matzah, to arrange provocations and to try to slander Russia. It’s what they do everywhere get their crooked little hands.

That’s why to successfully resist the parasitic West can only educated, intelligent people! They should know a lot not to be compelled to believe a word any bearded jerk, throw mud at our country. To have their reasoned point of view on most issues. To be able to reasonably object to any attempt to defame Russia and the Rus. This is what is constantly said and Nicolai Levashov when I set tasks Movements «Revival. golden age».

We need to give people information that will allow them to successfully confront the West lie; we have to give them knowledge that will highlight the failure of enemy propaganda. We need to help compatriots throughout the world through enlightenment knowledge again, be reasonable people!

Then the world really will come true golden age! Disappear parasitism, will end the war, will be restored the ecology of the planet, people will again become sensible and start to live a real creative life, engaging in conscious evolution for millions of years. Our children will no longer drink, smoke and shoot up and we can reincarnate in our descendants to higher level and to develop faster and faster…

Dmytro Baida, 12.02.2018



The notches on the memory…



Vladimir Putin holds a meeting with the Trustees



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