To apologize to a lying Lutsenko will not, – Gritsenko on the request of the attorney General

Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko demanded an apology from the presidential candidate Anatoly Gritsenko for the words that he allegedly hid son from participating in the ATO in the Donbass. In response, former defense Minister apologized to the son of Lutsenko, however, to apologize to the “lying attorney General” is not going to.

Skirmish between Lutsenko and Gritsenko occurred in Facebook.

The candidate Hrytsenko, trying to answer the question about the reasons for his non-participation in the ATO, said that the war would have ended long ago if I hadn’t been hiding his son from the front. Give 24 hour “fair” for the Colonel to apologize. My son went into 2014 on the front as a volunteer,
– Lutsenko noted.

His son Alexander served in 55 Zaporizhzhya brigade and, according to the attorney General, participated in military operations in close proximity to the Sands and the defense of the Donetsk airport.

That said Gritsenko in response to demand Lutsenko? The presidential candidate noted that Lutsenko overreacted to his interview where he talked about high rank, who were hiding their sons from the draft.

According to him, the officials returned their children home in advance. In particular, in the Parliament or in “Ukroboronprom” at a time when others were mobilized for a year or more.

“This is true. And to apologize, especially in front of Lutsenko, pathological liar for life – for what will not. I know that Lutsenko – the son is really a volunteer soldier, know that he was in ATU, though not a year like the others. But he fought, so honor the son and praise. If my words did somehow hurt, Lutsenko-the son, I apologize,” – said Gritsenko.

He noted that Lutsenko is lying on, in particular, that in the beginning of the war the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko offered him the post of defense Minister and even the chief of staff, and Gritsenko refused.

“Was not it! I’m ready together with Poroshenko live to pass a test on a polygraph – and the whole country will be convinced of the falsity of the Prosecutor General”, – he said.

Gritsenko added that an apology from Lutsenko does not wait, because they do not have confidence in him and respect.


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