Tina is the most interesting of all, – Dan Balan openly about his flirt on “the Voice”

The Moldovan singer Dan Balan, who first took the chair of a celebrity coach on “the Voice 9”, attracted great interest of the audience. All because the artist openly shows sympathy to Tina Karol.

In the “high life” Dan Balan decided to lift the veil and openly tell what’s going on between him and a fragile Tina Karol. According to him, all the viewers see is real emotion, because Moldovan singer can’t act in such situations.

I’m doing really, I can’t tune to play, especially with such emotions. It’s not for show. I wanted to be interested in the judgment seat, because there are a lot of pauses, we sit from morning till night. I was looking for, what makes me really interested, and it turned out that Tina is the most interesting of all,
– said Dan.

At the same time, the charismatic singer admits that between him and Tina Karol has flashed some sort of spark. But yet Dan Balan does not undertake to predict how it will continue to develop their relationship.

“I think we have some synergy took place, we wondered what it was. But while it is at the level of the game some. She is a woman and it is clear that is a fortress unassailable. It is interesting to observe. How will – we’ll see,” added Dan.

It should be noted that during the so-called “blind auditions” the artist has marked not one romantic gesture. Dan Balan performing his song “Love”, went to Tina Karol and gallantly invited her to sing a duet, but the artist delicately refused the star. In addition, two of the star judges already and the first dance. Dan Balan wanted to teach Tina Karol, the girl from, but she gave him the best master-class.

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