Three kilograms of feed to replace food bucket for pigs

— Grain, which receive a share grind. Mixed with a vitamin Supplement and feed them to pigs. Previously, it was enough for a pig to grow. Now at least four hold. The meat is good, chemistry is not audible. People appreciate it, says 44-year-old Anatoly Savitsky from Kryzhopol region.

Uses organic vitamin Supplement “BIORIN Active”. This feed premium, cheaper counterparts and good quality. Consists of vitamins and amino acids. Has the protein of soybean meal. It is mixed in dry form with ground grain. And get nutritious feed.

— For young pigs, throw more supplements, continues Sawicki. — So grow faster. Gaining weight due to soy proteins. From amino acids and vitamins food is absorbed almost completely. A large pig, weighing a hundredweight, to give 3-3. 5 kg per day. Convenient. Don’t need buckets to interfere, to acquire and carry to the barn. And then take out the manure. When I started to feed the fodder, stopped to pull the potatoes, beets, and weeds. It takes a lot of time and effort. And in fact they only clog the stomach and take away energy for digestion.

To get the amount of nutrients that is in one serving of feed, should be fed 50 pounds of beets. The main condition for fattening — pigs always have access to clean water.

Learn more about vitamin Supplement “BIORIN Active” on the phone: 0(67) 447 87 83, 0(63) 126 73 25 or in the wholesale and retail warehouse in the village of Agronomy (bypass road from the village Pirogovo) of the Vinnytsia area.

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