Three guards of the prison of Milwaukee accused of murder because they did not give water to the prisoner

Photo: AmericaRU.com

Three prison officer in Milwaukee are accused in the death of a prisoner because they deprived him of water, and this was the cause of his death. The inmate died from dehydration in his cell after he cut off the water for 7 days.

Former administrator of the prison, major Nancy Evans (Nancy Evans) – one of the defendants. Also she accused that she tried to conceal key parts of the video surveillance of the prison, which are associated with the death of Thomas Terrill (Terrill Thomas). Other defendants in the criminal case Lieutenant gruel midor and at the Department of correctional services, James Ramsey-guy.

38-year-old Thomas died in April 2016, after being deprived of water. Thomas was arrested April 15, 2016 on charges of careless use of firearms – it took a few shots at the local casino. He turned off the water in the chamber for what he flooded the next.

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