Thomas BACH: “there is No political component in the decision”

Thomas Bach. Photo: Reuters

After the end of the IOC Executive Board head of the organization answered the questions of journalists.

– I want to thank Samuel Schmid and his team for the work – began his speech Bach. – They had prepared a wonderful and comprehensive report.

All systematic manipulations were revealed. The IOC Executive Board in the decision relied on the report of the Commission Schmid. The IOC Executive Board after an appropriate process developed sanctions proportionate to the protection of clean athletes.

As a former athlete, I Express my deep regret and apologize to all “clean” athletes who are injured. A redistribution of medals will take place with appropriate ceremonies during the Games in Pyeongchang, to compensate them for the emotions that they have not received. Will be implemented a more robust anti-doping system under the supervision of WADA, so this doesn’t happen again.

– The decision was made unanimously or had different point of view? And can you assign liability to the Russian government?

– The decision is a consensus. As for liability, there are a few areas. Any contract responsibility. The host city for the Games, signs the contract. There is very clear all obligations. You can’t just deny everything and say that we did not know what is responsibility, when we played Games. For every mistake should be punished. We issued sanctions today after gave the Russian side an opportunity to be heard. They had the opportunity to speak. President of the ROC apologized. Sanctions is a decision of the Executive Committee.

– Can you assure that when decisions were not taken into account the political component?

– My answer is Yes. The decision was made with absolutely no political component. Our sponsors, broadcasters and everyone else understands that the IOC is a neutral organization. We would not allow political influence when making decisions regarding the Olympic games. The neutrality observed by all.

– How will the admission of Russian athletes at the Games?

– We have prepared a special group. They have data on testing before the Games. This was said at a daily press conference, Dr. Badgett. From April to late November, has taken more than 7000 samples from more than 4,000 athletes from 62 countries, it is 50 percent more than before the winter Olympics in Sochi. 1240 tests was taken from Russian athletes. The group will watch what the athletes to be tested. You will find all the information and we will look. We feel that this is the optimal system for decision-making. To draw Parallels with the Rio I would not want. As you remember, then the court was forced to allow Madam Efimov to participate. Now we are making a decision about who to invite. We are not talking about sanctions or anything like that. We invite you to participate in the Games “clean” athletes.

– Some believe that Grigory Rodchenkov is an unreliable witness. For example, you have an explanation of how to open bottles with the doping trial?

The samples are analyzed. Oswald, the Commission will continue its activities. As for the results of more detailed analysis, some samples contained anomalous amounts of salt. There is evidence of different types of manipulation. Don’t want to go into details, but we are confident that manipulation was being committed.

– Rodchenkov says that in the Russian football systematic doping. What would you therefore recommend FIFA?

– With regard to such statements, we draw conclusions solely based on evidence verified evidence. Closer to the Executive Committee, statements were made that we didn’t have time to check. But that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve attention. We are faced with different comments and facts in the report of Richard McLaren, many of which then were confirmed.

– How to be at the Olympics in Pyeongchang with team sports – hockey, Curling?

– Decision of Executive Committee the IOC States that all “clean” athletes can participate in teams of Olympic athletes in Russia. (olympic.org)


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