There is a threat for Ukraine, – Poroshenko about the exercises “West-2017”

The military doctrine of the Russian Federation in Belarus “West-2017” to be held in September 2017, are threatening to Ukraine.
This opinion was expressed by President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko during a visit to Kharkiv.
The head of state added that Ukraine is closely watching the preparation and conduct of these exercises.
We see the possibility of a threat, including for the territorial integrity of Ukraine, – he said.
Poroshenko also recalled that he discussed this issue during the visit Lukashenko.
We were assured that in no case from the territory of Belarus now or in the future will not be threats. And I hope that will keep the word. We will now watch closely to all the equipment that was delivered for the teachings were taken out and the threats were withdrawn, – said the head of state.

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