The worst movies of 2018: magazine

Critics of the magazine the Hollywood Reporter presented the rating of the worst movies of 2018.

The rating is published on the newspaper’s website. Bad movie of the year was the film “Code of Gotti” John Travolta in the title role.

According to critics, “Code Gotti” devoid of tension, “sometimes ridiculous, and sometimes just boring.”

“Code Gotti”: watch the trailer

Second place in the rating was the movie “Robin hood: the Beginning” Otto Bathurst. It States that the tape “came out worse than anyone could imagine.”

All who are related to this mess, should one way or another, publicly repent,
– noted critic of the journal.

Furthermore, it is stated that in the picture mismatched prop weapons and costumes for the actors.

“Robin hood Begins”: watch the trailer

Closes the top three film “Fifty shades of freedom“. The authors noted that the creators of “trying to turn one of probably the most boring couples ever shown on the silver screen, captivating characters”.

“Fifty shades of freedom”: watch the trailer

We add that the ratings were such films as “life Itself”, “venom”, “the Nutcracker and the four kingdoms”, “Los Angeles in flames”, “Operation “fireball”, “Break time” and “Suspiria”.

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