The world record number of people became refugees – more than 65 million people

Photo: AmericaRU.com

The UN Agency for refugees reports that on the planet only the number of officially registered people with the status of refugee, hit the record – about 65.5 million people. In fact, in fact this number is much greater.

In General the number includes refugees, asylum seekers and internally displaced persons. In 2016 the total number of people on Earth increased by 300 thousand people compared to a year earlier. And 5 million more than in 2014.

The UN high Commissioner for refugees Filippo Grandi (Grandi Filippo) noted that this figure is the failure of international diplomacy. “It seems that we are not able to establish peace,” he said.

More refugees originate from Syria, Afghanistan and South Sudan. The countries hosting the largest number of refugees – Turkey, Pakistan, Lebanon.

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