The winter solstice of 2018: must-do on 22 Dec

The winter solstice of 2018: must-do on 22 Dec
16:04 Today, the Telegraph Ukraine news: December 22, will be held on the winter solstice.

Saturday, 22 December 2018 will happen at the same time two very strong events – the full moon and the winter solstice. This time is considered very important, so important these days to observe the little rules and rituals.

When will the full moon and the winter solstice and what it means

The winter solstice is the day when is the longest night and the shortest day. But from this day the duration of day will increase and the nights decrease. In 2018 it will happen on December 22 at 00:23. The full moon will happen again on 22 December, only at 19:49 in the sign Cancer.

What does such a coincidence

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Since ancient times, people celebrated and honored the winter solstice. This great celebration and the event meant that the Sun was the darkness. It was and is still a big event in metaphorical terms – the revival of life and joy for the Earth and for every person.

The full moon is a time when there are radical changes. This is the period when the earth is enhanced by both good and bad, there are big twists of fate. Someone is afraid of the full moon because of the misfortunes and challenges that it sometimes brings. Someone loves him thanks to the magic and inspiration of the incredible events that are associated with it. In any case, the full Moon brings benefit to people because it brings change.

The fact that the full Moon coincided with the winter solstice, indicates a change for the better. It’s time to say goodbye to the past, to leave behind problems and worries. In our life the light will be wonderful events and miracles. It is important to realize that this is a magical and a very good sign.

Rituals on this day

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22 December 2018 need to be careful and attentive, because the energy of the day is ambiguous. On this day, you can carry out rituals that will help to change lives for the better.

1. To say goodbye to all the problems and diseases, and write them on a piece of paper and burn it in the flame of a candle.

2. To attract love, release all the old wounds and all the affection in this day. To do this, take a rope with the words “let go” cut it as many times as obstacles to love within yourself and in your life you will find.

3. To attract into your life good luck and happiness, in the morning, go to the window and thank the Sun and the moon for energy. Can also wear this day a talisman to attract good luck. To be filled with the energy of success, praise the Sun. Stand up straight, close your eyes and imagine how its rays fill your body and your whole aura.

4. To enlist the support of the moon in any business and to attract wealth, take a glass of water, say your wish and drink it. On this day, be careful, modest and restrained. And then happiness, love, health and wealth will come into your life.

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