The winners of the NATIONWIDE PROGRAM “PERSON of the YEAR 2019” in the nomination “RESIDENTIAL complex of the YEAR”

Winners of the national program “person of the year 2019” in the nomination “Residential complex of the year”.

Multifunctional residential complex “INTERGAL CITY”, the Company “Intergal-Bud”, the Marketing Director – Irina Mikhaleva

Existing corporate awards:
award IBUILD “Builder of the year” 2019, 2018;

award IBUILD LCD “brown Hai Hatna” – “Leader of residential construction according to European eco-standards”

award EE Real Estate Project Awards – Developer of the year 2019

– The leader in scale construction 2019 (MPN)

– Intergal City became the best in the nomination Mix-use project (EE REAL ESTATE PROJECT AWARDS-2018)

“Intergal-Bud” and the award-winning developer of wireless security systems in Europe, Ajax Systems for the first time on the market signed a Memorandum of cooperation.

The most significant achievements of Your company in 2019:
Over 5 years in development of engineering networks of Kiev, the company spent UAH 320 mln. The money went to replacement of Sewerage, water supply, heat, electricity and reconstruction of boilers.

In addition, the company Intergal-Bud invested in clean 5 lakes, reconstruction of Park “Victory”, created a play area at ENEA 5 hectares and broke several new parks in different districts of the capital.

“Lucky brick” – free children’s tours of the construction site of the company. Professional workshops, lectures and games.

The purpose of career guidance to the younger generation. To demonstrate the benefits and relevance of the profession in the market.

Environmental initiatives:
– sorting of waste for further processing (in sales offices and on-site)

– hardware complexes of a rolling bike (installed in the residential complex “Nivki Park” for 2020 – all of LCD)

– the establishment of charging stations for electric cars (installed in the residential complex “Ozerny Hatna Hai”, the establishment continues)

– renovation of parks, cleaning of lakes, planting of fruit avenues (Park “Nivki” LCD “Syretska gardens”)

The history of creation (idea creation) of your LCD: multi-residential complex “INTERGAL CITY” is located in the heart of Kiev-Pechersk district. This arrangement guarantees accommodation in one of the most prestigious areas of the city and unique views. This fact inspired us to create a modern appearance of the complex formed by the elongated dome-shaped forms connected to each other at different levels of air bridges. It’s a bold architectural solution allows all residents to enjoy panoramic views of the Dnieper river, the monument “Motherland” and the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.

Allowing your LCD to become a leader in the market of new buildings? What is its uniqueness? Complex of premium class is a unique in its architecture the city of the future, which organically combines all areas of modern life:

• the residential complex;

• shopping center;

• a business center.

The structure of the complex forms its own special and unique inner world, filled with all you need for a comfortable life of modern people. Office space on business class, shops, cafes, restaurant, sports complex and SPA, recreational facilities complement the residential premises of its future residents.

The highlight of the complex will become an observation platform and a huge public space with breathtaking views of the Central part of the city of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, the green hills and the picturesque Dnieper river.

What advanced technology was used in the construction of the LCD? Take into account the positive experience of other countries?
Combine outdoor terraces create a vertical separation of transport and pedestrian flows and movements between different levels of the complex. Terraces associated with the residential towers, apartments, shopping and business center for air bridges. This creates a continuous open internal area with panoramic views of “the Motherland”.

Which framework offers LCD for its residents? Multifunctional residential complex “INTERGAL CITY” combines residential complex; shopping centre; business centre.

Why a buyer chooses you? LCD “INTERGAL CITY” is a unique for Ukraine’s innovative city of the future in the heart of the capital with spectacular panoramic views of the slopes of the Dnieper. And the long-term reputation building “Intergal-Bud” gives a guarantee that all objects will be built in the period of high quality materials.

Life principles that help You achieve your goals: efficiency; stability; the observance of set deadlines; guarantee the quality of materials and construction works.

Does the scope of Your professional (social) activities of such a thing as a “Code of honor”? Your professional and personal “Code of honor”. Reliability, value the trust of our customers, striving to meet the highest standards of modern real estate market.
How a large number of different people to make people think about the success of one company? Our team of professionals always aims for success.

To be successful today is… confidence and stability in the form of modern European housing; high trust of our customers; – stability and reliability; high quality and guarantee of work; commitment to continuous development;

Your favourite saying? The world doesn’t need to win, he just needs to do better.

So your brand has received this award (what are the three main points)? The uniqueness of the architecture; innovation; comfort; versatility.

Keep the phrase “Give me a fulcrum and I…” And I will build a beautiful world.

Are there any plans of the company other projects in the area of housing? Our company does not rest on its laurels and is actively pursuing other projects in the area of housing. We have big plans for 2020. The company “Intergal-Bud” brings five new facilities in different parts of the city of Kiev in the segment of comfort, business and premium.


Existing corporate rewards: an Independent non-profit research of the market of residential buildings in Ukraine. The inspector of buildings. Diploma of the Grand Prix LCD “Scandia”, the winner of group “the Lower price segment of new buildings of Kiev region”.

Gratitude of the head of Brovary city staff for their active participation in public life of the city Brovary, assistance in the preparation and holding of events for the city Day.

Thanks. For the cooperation at the festival “City of happy people,” the Day of Brovary.

The most significant achievements of Your company in 2019: of Course – it’s LCD “Scandia”. We took this apartment complex in the state of “unfinished”, have successfully completed in 2019 passed the house in operation. After these results we received full and unconditional approval and support of investors. This has allowed in the second half of 2019, to continue the construction of the first phase of the complex.

The history of creation (idea creation) of your LCD? For the concept we took a European, Scandinavian type of construction comfort-business class: gorgeous clinker facade, a beautiful pitched roof, a comfortable layout, environmental… Houses of 5-7 floors provide more room for life. Residents of the near houses, I feel free and comfortable, they are not “pressured” painted 20-25 storey “monsters”. This is the place where you want to live. A place where a dream becomes a goal, a goal into reality.

Allowing your LCD to become a leader in the market of new buildings? What is its uniqueness? It’s very simple. We are focused on quality, durability, aesthetics and safety. Enough to come and look at commissioned the house to be sure. Environmentally friendly building materials, modern European facades certainly increase the comfort of life. And as a result we have a safe, beautiful, and apartments are available.

What advanced technology was used in the construction of the LCD? Take into account the positive experience of other countries? Cast-frame technology. It provides greater durability, increased load capacity and absence of consequences of shrinkage. In fact – this is 12-meter piles, reinforced concrete frame durable, monolithic floor slab and walls of the ceramic block is a high – tech, environmentally friendly and modern building material. The house in this approach to construction: strong, durable, environmentally safe, have a comfortable temperature and sound insulation. Beautiful clinker facade, the combined and warmed, allowing residents to save on heating and cooling by up to 40%. Roof – folded sheet metal with insulation mineral wool 300 mm with steam – and hydro protection. Residents not only receive financial benefits, living in these apartments, but also the ability to easily and safely redesign living space according to your taste.

Which framework offers LCD for its residents? Commercial premises on the ground floors – these can be offices, shops, cafes etc Closed area from prying LCD, modern, safe playgrounds, 5 kindergartens and 2 large modern school in which the stadium and swimming pool – a mandatory attribute. Without a doubt, the lake near the Park is our pride: for the residents of Scandia will create a sandy beach area, and a separate area for fishing. Additionally, the Park provides a food court, Playground, area for walking Pets. And, of course, a huge shopping center, sports complex, hospital and more.

Excellent transport links – bus runs several times a minute, and by car in 7-10 minutes and You are near Lisova metro station.
Why a buyer chooses you? Of course – comfort, aesthetics and reliability. Everyone is excited about our Scandinavian facades. The second are, without a doubt, Windows. And the people who came to us to see on the focus. The cherry on positive customer experience – the lake and Park, especially if they can be seen from the panoramic Windows of the flat.

Life principles that help You achieve your goals. In the question was the answer. The trust that we have earned and the word iron are the key to our success. We have received full and unconditional approval and support investors to achieve the goal.
Does the scope of Your professional activities of such a thing as a “Code of honor”? Your professional and personal “Code of honor”. It so happened that a professional and a personal “Code of honor” is one. This: iron the word, respect for myself and others, respect for opponents, respect for the work.

How a large number of different people to make people think about the success of one company? The total will to win. In our team there are no people who would not believe in the company and doubted its success. This allows us together, year after year, day after day, to take new heights and reach new goals.

Today to be successful is… to Be a top professional in the business. Hard work, determination, dedication, persistence and much more… Successful people believe in themselves and in their abilities, well versed in your favorite business, and works with professionals.

Who of the greatest figures of humanity can be a model and example for Your employees? I. V. Stalin.

So your brand has received this award (what are the three main points)? Dedication, professionalism, human resources.
Keep the phrase “Give me a fulcrum and I will build a garden city in which I live.”

Are there any plans of the company other projects in the area of housing? Is.

LCD “CITY PARK”, LLC “Construction group”synergy”, General Director – Igor Overko

Existing corporate awards:

Choice of the year 2019 Construction group synergy Development company of the year in the suburbs of Kiev

EE REAL ESTATE PROJECT AWARDS 2019 Construction group synergy is the Developer of the year in the Kiev region
IBuild 2019 LCD City Park — the best residential complex of the suburb

Magazine “Business” 2019 LCD “Green Side” — TOP 10 innovative residential complexes

Magazine “Business” 2019 “synergy 3” — the TOP 50 innovation projects in real estate

The portal 3m2 2019 “synergy 3” — the victory in the nomination “new construction suburbs of Kiev with interesting architectural solutions”

Magazine “Business” 2019 Construction group “synergy” in the TOP 10 reliable developers in Kyiv region

The magazine “New times” with 2019 Construction group “synergy” took thirteenth place in the ranking of the TOP 20 largest developers in Kiev and the region

IBuild 2018 Construction group synergy is a Regional construction company of the year

Realt Golden Key 2018 LCD Green Side the best ratio price-quality

Philanthropist of the year 2018 Construction group “synergy” for active participation in social, infrastructural and cultural development of the city

The Ministry of Finance 2017 Construction group “synergy” # 1 Ranking of developers in Kiev region

Brand of the year 2016 Construction group “synergy” for the rapid pace of development, innovative approaches, social responsibility

Business Olimp Awards 2015-2018 Construction group “synergy” is the leading construction company in Kiev region

The most significant developments (achievements) of Your company in 2018.
Start a flagship project in the concept of “city within a city” — LC “synergy city”

Began the construction of a school “synergy” for 1,300 students

Commissioned 9 houses in 3 residential complexes in LCD Green Side, City Park LCD, LCD synergy 3+

The history of creation (idea creation) of your LCD? “Inspired by nature” is not just a slogan of the residential complex. It is a reflection of its ideology. Because the complex is located in premium locations — the Central Park of the city.

Allowing your LCD to become a leader in the market of new buildings? What is its uniqueness? LCD City Park is a new format of modern suburban housing for those who want to live in harmony with yourself and nature. In the name of the residential complex City Park the main benefits of the project: favorable location and surroundings.

1. Location. LCD “City Park” is “Central Park” in the resort city of Kramatorsk, in the direction of the main highway to Kiev, and it is only 7 km from the capital and 15 minutes to the metro station Akademmistechko

2. Quality. LCD “City Park” is a complex of a class “comfort +”, which is not inferior to the “business class”. During its construction were used high-quality and ecological building materials from leading manufacturers (cement-concrete from Kovalska ICG, plastic Windows “Rehau”, heating appliances from BOSCH, elevators, etc.)

3. Environmentally friendly. LCD “City Park” is located in a green area of pine forest, the Windows of the complex overlook “Central Park” and the forest. In addition, the developer stressed the uniqueness of this residential complex is a vivid landscape design of territory in the concepts of “backyard Park” and “the yard without cars”.

4. Security. The territory is closed, there is the placement of cameras and the developer provided a separate Parking area for residents and guests of the complex.

5. Infrastructure. LCD “City Park” is located in the “secret center” of the city of Irpin near “Central Park” with high levels of infrastructure: supermarkets, shops, chain restaurants, cafes, clinics, beauty salons, kindergartens, school, public transport.

6. Architecture and design. Natural materials and modern design concepts were combined with the environmental focus of the complex. And large Windows that saturate the room with air and light.

7. The price offer. LCD “City Park” became one of the most popular residential complexes in suburbs and in the Kiev region according to the ratings of specialized portals and surveys of consumers, thanks to the best ratio “price-quality”. At the start of sales, a square meter in the residential complex “City Park” was worth 11 thousand UAH. today, in the finished building — from 14 UAH 500. per sq. m.

What advanced technology was used in the construction of the LCD? Take into account the positive experience of other countries? Developer synergy created residential complex City Park standards-based Synergy: a cozy courtyard Park with a sound navigation, modern playgrounds, expressive facades, spacious porches on the ground level of the apartment with finished trim and large Windows. And there will be a private service company with the quality services.

Rational energy use: energy-efficient Windows.
Which framework offers LCD for its residents? For the development of the young residents is projected kindergarten and modern playgrounds.
The complex is located in a developed area of town, so to school, gardens, chain restaurants, fitness clubs, supermarkets, medical center — hand.

Why a buyer chooses you?
1. SG synergy is a reliable developer. The main indicator of reliability is the number of completed construction and commissioned facilities. The number of surrendered housing construction group “synergy” entered the top developers in the capital region, which is reflected in profile ratings the Ministry of Finance, the journal of BUSINESS, New time, etc.

2. SG synergy — transparency and responsibility at all stages from conception to efficient operation of buildings:
• there are all necessary permits and project documentation according to the legislation,
• open access to relevant information about the company’s activities and dynamics of construction projects
• legal support at registration of transactions
• a private service company.

3. Synergy now creates a great community around your brand synergy. It gives people the opportunity to feel a part of it. This synergy holds sports training popular destinations TRX, Pilates, crossfit right in the backyard, satisfied with their tournaments, holidays, implements motivational programs for students “excellent Synergy”.

4. In addition to quality housing, SG synergy is always trying to give the buyer more for their money. Therefore, in the courts of Synergy, thoughtful landscaping, and children’s play areas for quality leisure time the children created opportunities for sports. The first floors of the developer pays for commercial needs, so residents have everything you need at hand.

5. Corporate social responsibility Synergies.

2017 SG synergy has built and gave the city a modern kindergarten “Kolibri” with a private salt room.

2019 the developer began the construction of the school “synergy”.