The winners of the NATIONWIDE PROGRAM “PERSON of the YEAR 2019” in the nomination “Mayor of year” (large cities)

Winners of the national program “person of the year 2019” in the nomination “Mayor” (the big cities).

Anatoly BONDARENKO, Cherkasy city mayor

Honorary diploma of Supreme Soviet of Ukraine.

The three main events of 2019 according to Your version: large-Scale construction and repair of urban roads (repaired even those roads that had been out of repair since the time of Independence). Opening of the exhibition for ungulates “Deer and bison” in the Cherkassy zoo, which has no analogues in Ukraine. The infrastructure update Cherkasy parks and gardens, in particular the establishment in the Sosnoviy Bor Park, the Ferris Wheel, which is not operated for more than 10 years.

Your life motto: My motto in life is Never to rest on our laurels.

Who did You dream to become in childhood? My childhood dream – to become a soldier.

Do You have a dream that is not yet fulfilled? My not yet realized dream – to paint a picture.

Saying the word SUCCESS, what sense You put in it? Success is time. Time to do many good deeds for the benefit of society and the Ukraine.

Your favourite saying? “You can’t go your way till the end, if you stop to throw stone at every barking the dog on you” (sir Winston Churchill).

What are you most proud of in your city? His people.

Who, in your opinion, is a model mayor? (examples from around the world) Former new York mayor Rudolph Giuliani.

The main problem of all Ukrainian cities, which needs to be solved first? I think that the main and global problem of all cities is the culture of waste management and waste disposal.

If happiness is not in money, then what? Happiness is not in money. After all, the most important things in life not buy.

Keep the phrase “Give me a fulcrum and I... will make it impossible”.

Whom in this life You jealous? My cat Fernandinho.

What trait is Your biggest flaw? Excessive emotionality. In some cases it really becomes a problem.
Do You have a favorite book? From foreign literature – is a novel by Richard Bach “the Seagull named Livingston”, from the Ukrainian Roman “Troscha”, my fellow countryman, friend and mentor Vasily Shklyar.

Who of historical figures You could be friends with if I were his contemporary? Charles de Gaulle , Ivan Sirkom – Cossack commander, never lost a single battle.

What wonder of the world You would like to move to your hometown? That it symbolized? Valley of flowers in India, which symbolizes renewal and prosperity. Will try to make our Cherkasy Valley of Roses is the same.

If You have discovered a new planet, how would You call it? Your mother’s name.

Imagine that You came to visit the President of America asking you to show Ukraine. Where would You invite him to the tour? Of course, in Cherkasy region. In the heart of the Cold Yar, a place of power of the Ukrainian nation.

What do You consider your greatest achievement in life, and what is the biggest mistake? The main achievement is my four children. And made a mistake a few people that I trusted.

What is the lesson for You is the best rest? Meeting friends of childhood and adolescence.

Serhiy NADAL, mayor of Ternopil

Awarded the Order of St. Prince Vladimir the Great of III degree, the Order “For merits” III degrees, diplomas of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

The most significant achievements in Your professional activities in 2019:

The establishment of Ternopil city territorial community
Ternopil became the first regional center in Ukraine, which has completed the procedure of joining the surrounding villages to the local community. The city joined in 4 rural councils are 8 settlements. All residents of Ternopil MTG receive benefits and social services on the level with the residents of Ternopil. In 2019 Ternopil – the first regional center in Ukraine, which adopted a Charter and Strategic development plan of Ternopil city territorial community to 2029.

Urban transport reform
The first in Ukraine introduced a full-fledged “e-ticket”.

The privileged passengers received a personalized “Social map of Ternopil” and a full-benefits in the transport.
Public transport Ternopil preferential categories of inhabitants of Ternopil (advanced students) have the right to free passage without restrictions of quantity.

Entered the ticket durables “Electronic purse”, and a modern automated fare collection system in public transport.

The city actively updates the vehicle fleet of the municipal companies. The routes of the city additionally runs 24 large low-floor bus. Public buses meet the European Euro 5 standards, designed for 80-100 passengers. In the process of buying and leasing an additional 35 buses. Purchased the 34 trolley and built 8 new trolley lines with a total length of 12 km.

Built a full waste sorting line
With the end of 2019 Ternopil garbage dump became a landfill. Running a waste sorting line with capacity of 120-150 tons of waste daily, which allows up to 40% of waste to recycle again. Is the compaction of solid waste. Because of this, the volume of garbage reduced by one-third.

Introduced the European practice of reuse of raw materials for the production of useful products, such as manholes, paper, drainages and more.

Is the arrangement of biogas equipment for the production of electricity at the green tariff.
The city’s electronic services
Among the latest implementations of information technology – SERVIS roll-call vote of deputies, city city-bot in social networks, electronic Cabinet of Ternopil, the online entry in kindergartens and after-school education.
Work continues on the creation of a unified register of territorial communities, operates the registry of municipal property, registry of the urban development conditions and limitations of contemporary geographic information system, e-petitions, online mechanism of public budget and the online control system of revenues and expenditures of the local budget. There are platforms and services “Open city”, the system of public procurement ProZorro, “E-medicine” – an appointment to the pediatrician and the doctor, Electronic document SX-GOVERNMENT, “E-transport” with an interactive map of the transport routes, the draft network city WEB cameras an Interactive map of repairs and the like.

Your life motto: It was announced by the Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky: “No flow noisy and loud phrases, and quiet hard work love Ukraine”. This phrase is not only my favorite and is a benchmark for me. I am convinced that these words should become a benchmark for all Ukrainians.

Who did You dream to become in childhood? A military pilot. I did not believe, if I said I’d be mayor. But then I realized: if you want to change something, start with yourself.

Do You have a dream that is not yet fulfilled? I dream that Ukraine finally became so dreamed and died the creators of the Ukrainian nation, Taras Shevchenko, Ivan Franko, Andriy Sheptytsky, Joseph Blind, Yevhen Konovalets, Stepan Bandera. Which killed Hundreds of Heaven, for which to give life the heroes of the Russian-Ukrainian war. Ukraine must be free and rich. For this, each of us needs to work effectively in its place.

Saying the word SUCCESS, the content you put in it? I feel a great responsibility to the society that has trusted me to manage the city, make it better. For me success is the gratitude and support of them.

Your favourite saying? Not afraid to be banal. But ever since childhood, operate on the principle: “never put off till tomorrow what you can do today”. This rule allows you to be a good student, a student, a successful worker and leader.

What are You most proud of in your city? With them. They are very hardworking, creative and responsible. And most importantly: the true patriots of their city and country. In team with our people we are working for development of our city. Because them deserve to live in the best city.

Who, in Your opinion, is a model mayor? In many respects an example for us to see former new York mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has done a lot for energy, environment, open government, the decline in unemployment in new York. Three of Bloomberg’s tenure as mayor is called the “Golden years” of new York.

The main problem of all Ukrainian cities, which needs to be solved first? Stop decentralization. Despite all the talk about the process of decentralization, which should give cities greater financial and resource strength, really we have the opposite situation. On the one hand, the center transfers to the city budget, more revenue from taxes. However, at times more reports of financial liabilities. For example funding education, medicine. And the amount of additional fiscal powers in twice the amount of additional revenue. Really we have a situation where out of the cities “extort” money. If considered for a year, then transferred to the Ternopil obligations from year to year is about 2 times higher than the transferred income. The state regularly does not fulfill budget liabilities. In particular constantly have problems with the transfer from the Central budget of funds for salaries to doctors and teachers. The city is forced from its own budget to cover these costs. The money should go to repairs and large infrastructure projects, are for salaries of teachers and doctors. Because the city cannot leave its residents without health protection and education. This issue unites all of the city of Lisichansk to Ternopil.

If happiness is not in money, then what? In the respect of the people. When people appreciate your work. I believe that every leader, every public servant must be guided by the admonition of Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky, who said that the government is primarily a service. The service of the people. If you follow this pointer, it will be a real respect from people. And that is the respect from the people should go into government.

Keep the phrase “Give me a fulcrum and I …” will turn the entire state apparatus in service, where people feel Human. Where the official provides a service, the service. The city Council of Ternopil is a service of the Ternopil community. Any employee, from the mayor knows that he works for the people, for the sake of the community.

What trait is Your biggest flaw? Perfectionism. I have high demands on himself and his subordinates. In some places it hurts.
Do You have a favorite book? With great interest I read biographies and memoirs of great people. Recently read memories of Henry Ford: “My life and work”. Struck me memories of Hetman of the Ukrainian State of Pavlo Skoropadsky.

Who of historical figures You could be friends with if I were his contemporary? Stepan Bandera. This man became a symbol of the struggle for statehood. A symbol of a true Ukrainian patriot. At the time, he said, “Our victory is a victory of our ideas, full implementation. Secondary for me is what part do we realize themselves, some other and some together. It is our duty to do much itself, as enough of our forces, at the same time we make the efforts to do more.” We live in an independent Ukraine, for which they fought and died, Stepan Bandera. That is why I initiated the re-awarding Stepan Bandera the title of Hero of Ukraine that was illegally abolished in the time of Yanukovych.

If you have discovered a new planet, how would you call it? The name of our eminent physicist, inventor, publicist, public figure, translator of the Bible into the Ukrainian language, native Ternopil Ivan Pul’uj. He was the first to invent X-rays, which are now called x-ray. Besides, this man had a profound understanding of the geopolitical role of Ukraine in Europe. Many of his thoughts written many decades ago is still relevant today.

What is the lesson for You – the best vacation?: Love to travel with family in the mountains. Love our Carpathians, Transcarpathia and the Carpathians. Since the childhood was engaged in swimming, in my spare time I like to play football, but now my schedule trying to allocate a few hours a week at the gym. Without sport are very difficult to bear the psychological load. Sport for me is the discharge and additional energy for work.

Andrei RAJKOVIC , the mayor Kropiwnicki

Honored worker of agriculture of Ukraine. Awarded the order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise, “For merits” III, II and I degrees, honorary diploma of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, honorary diploma of Kirovohrad city Council and the Executive Committee, with the insignia of the Executive Committee of Kirovograd city Council “For merits” of I and II degrees. “Honorary citizen of Kirovohrad”.

The three main events of 2019 on Your version: 1. The highlight of the year for everyone, of course, was the election of a new President and Parliament, the associated expectations and concerns, and for mayor – force majeure. It is necessary to establish cooperation with the new government, the office of the President, the people’s representatives – to address the systemic issues, involve including public money to build, repair, maintain…

2. For me personally, 2019 was the year of the landmark for onward transport infrastructure projects, which the city was waiting for, without exaggeration, a few decades, the scale, the so – called arch street Levitskogo. Together with Ukrzaliznytsya and contractors conducted extensive work stopped the movement of trains, dismantled bridges, cut thousands of cubic meters of earth, poured concrete no less, mounted modern metal, built a new road. Completed the construction of residential flats for the first time since independence at the expense of the city budget. The result is a qualitative leap, a fundamentally new quality of urban logistics and infrastructure needed for new times, a warrant for the apartment for people who are 30-40 years in the housing queue.

3. Finally, just before the new year, “the Ranking of cities in Ukraine” acknowledged onward the second in Ukraine in terms of convenience for public transport passengers. This assessment started four years ago revival of municipal passenger traffic, a new modern ecological transport, new routes on new roads. Of course, second place – honorable, but not the first, it is not only recognition, but also motivation.

Life principles that help You achieve your goals: Integrity. Every job should be like, than to not do it. To have a goal, it is impossible to achieve any result. From simple to complex, not Vice versa. Demands. Professionalism.

Who did You dream to become in childhood? A military engineer. Almost succeeded – I became an electrical engineer.

Do You have a dream that is not yet fulfilled? We are all dreamers, without dreams there is no movement forward. At every stage of life has its challenges, because the dream every step of your. If you have the desire and a clear plan, nothing is impossible.

Today to be successful is… to see the fruits of their labor, feel the effect. Success a unique opportunity for performance, benefit from the activity.

Your favourite saying? Managers act according to the rules, the leader is acting correctly – Warren Bennis, the guru of leadership.
What are you most proud in your city (village)? Our town is small, but with a high concentration of talented people who realize their abilities in different directions. Out on the street, literally within a block you can meet the famous architect, choreographer, artist, industrialist, restaurateur, poet, theater-goer… It inspires, creates inherent only Kropiwnicki creative microclimate, its own unique flavor.

Who, in your opinion, is a model mayor? (examples from around the world) I think every mayor, which is elected by the people – is unique. Another thing is – will he be able to justify their confidence, to make the program believe. To evaluate a specific Manager, it is necessary to live some time in his city, to feel the level of comfort, convenience services, dynamics and quality changes. In the end, objective assessment, again, I can only give to the citizens. I “hang medals” will not undertake, it will be wrong. But in the Brazilian city of Curitiba mayor Jaime Lerner has completely changed the system of traffic, decided a number of issues relevant for most cities on the planet. It was three times elected. Besides, it is known as the architect of the space. And our cities just space is not always enough.

The main problem of all Ukrainian cities, which needs to be solved first? Problems may be economic, institutional, historic, very different for each particular city. Of common relevance to all or at least most, for example, is the need for modernization of engineering networks. Heat, water, sewer. Own the city with significant high-rise Fund will not be able to resolve this issue, we need public policies.

If happiness is not in money, then what? The presence of the welfare guarantee of satisfaction – for yourself and family, plus the ability to write on the spiritual. Philanthropy, volunteering for me is the feeling of the soul, the internal state, and not PR.

Keep the phrase “Give me a fulcrum and we will build the city of our dreams together.”

What trait is Your biggest flaw? I’m too ambitious.

Do You have a favorite book? Each book gives rise to emotions, but are very attached to the works associated with personal. For me, this work – “How the steel was tempered” by Nikolai Ostrovsky. My father Paul as the main character. He talked about the hard times of his childhood for me, memories of him, and this book are inextricably linked.

Who of historical figures You could be friends with if I were his contemporary? Do all historical figures are, by definition, interesting people, communication with which by far would be a meaningful experience.

What wonder of the world You would like to move to your hometown? That it symbolized? Then, they are wonders to look at where they were built. And we will “roll out” their historical objects. But still, the lighthouse of Alexandria did not prevent – even luminaries from the center of Ukraine – the glorious city of Kropivnitsky. Our granites he would be an earthquake is not exactly threatened.

If You have discovered a new planet, how would You call it? Planet of happy people. Would be for all of us instead of the lodestar.
Imagine that You came to visit the President of America asking you to show Ukraine. Where would You invite him to the tour? We have a beautiful country and every corner of Ukraine is special and interesting, but bad if I were mayor if I didn’t invite him onward.

What do You consider your greatest achievement in life, and what is the biggest mistake? Me much has been achieved. I planted a tree, built a house, raised children, created fifteen hundred jobs, was elected mayor, to be continued. Like everyone, makes mistakes. The biggest probably didn’t so everything worked out.

What is the lesson for You is the best rest? I am a sporty person, I like active rest. Play volleyball, Alpine skiing, cross-country and love to walk on the snow. Fishing in the summer. Depends on my mood and environment. Like any normal person, for me a good vacation – stay in the circle of friends and relatives, with children and grandchildren.