The winners of the nationwide program “Person of the year 2018” in the nomination “the Hotel complex of the year”

Winners of the national program “Person of the year 2018” in the nomination “the Hotel complex of the year”.

The hotel BANKHOTEL, General Manager – Taras Kuzyk

BANKHOTEL ART CONGRESS HALL hospitably opened its doors to guests and residents of the city June 8, 2018. The hotel is located in the historical part of the city in the renovated building of the former Austro-Hungarian Bank.

A branch of the Austro-Hungarian Bank was erected in a period of rapid economic development of the city, which took place from 1870 to 1914

It engaged in the design of two architects – graduates of Lviv Polytechnic University Edmund Gigovic and Michael Luzhetsky.

BANKHOTEL the hotel consists of 7 floors and 101 rooms in different price categories. Each room has its own luxurious and unique abstract pattern. The main color of abstraction specifies the color of the entire room and allows you to experience the special artistic atmosphere of the early twentieth century. The cozy restaurant “SAFE” will allow you to enjoy a Cup of Lviv coffee and dishes of Ukrainian and European cuisine. The hotel has a bar and “RESERVE”, where on the terrace you can enjoy a fine wine. On site on a permanent basis will be an exhibition of two art projects Kudin V. P. “notes and steps” and “Coins”.

The three main events of 2018 on Your version: 1. The opening of the hotel. 2. The highest average score from the guests in the rating system Booking among all the hotels of the city. 3. Opening of the art bar SATIRIKON.

Why do customers when choosing give preference to your hotel?:

The hotel has a history and unique design, convenient location in the Central historical part of the city, convenient connection to the airport and the train station. Service, attention to detail, for example, each room has a pillow menu for a comfortable option for sleeping, book menu – dozens of books on various subjects and in several languages which guest can select and read. If we are talking about business, we offer the best platform for business events – a unique meeting room that can accommodate 270 people, and after 10 minutes divide the participants into streams, thanks to mobile partitions into 7 separate meeting rooms. The hotel has a good infrastructure, a luxurious restaurant SAFE show “The singing waiters” wine bar RESERVE wine list, with more than 270 positions. A panoramic terrace which offers romantic views of the historical part of the city, night of art-SATIRIKON bar with unique cocktails and exhibition of works of cartoonists.

The motto of Your hotel: BANKHOTEL – THE CODE OF EXCELLENCE.

Who or what is the mascot for Your hotel?: The mascot is the team.

Life principles that help You achieve your goals: Be confident in their actions and always follow through. If you did something 95% is equal to zero, because there will come a time when all you have to do first. I’m a maximalist and I try to live in accordance with its principles. For me it is important that my actions did not differ with the views.

Does the scope of Your professional activities of such a thing as a “Code of honor”? Your professional and personal “Code of honor”: For me both in life and in my profession there is only one principle – do not change… for themselves, their principles, their promises.

How a large number of different people to make people think about the success of one company?: It is important that the team had people with the same values that are in tune with the values which are declared by the business. The next step is to give an understanding of what each in his place can affect the final result, so success is the contribution of each.

Saying the word SUCCESS, what sense You put in it?: Success is work and knowledge. To be successful is a healthy workaholism, hand on the pulse of tomorrow and lack of fear to admit that you don’t know something.

Your favourite saying?: Never be afraid to do the right thing.

Who of the greatest figures of humanity can be a model and example for Your employees?: I would say that there are times when I want to put in an example for its employees.

If happiness is not in money, then what?: Happiness is not in money, happiness in the moments and that is what is necessary for everyone to have these moments to create, this is an individual… the main thing to remember and collect these moments and reconsider when looking for motivation and inspiration.

In Your opinion, the three most important aspects for a successful hotel business? A team of like-minded people, attention to the opinion of the guests, the hand on the pulse of trends.

When You visit other hotels what first of all pay attention? What are the key parameters for You when choosing a hotel?: Professionalism: appearance, language, flow. Cleanliness, especially in megosteve areas. Creativity.

Do You have a dream that is not yet fulfilled? Want to host hotel for the international event. For example, the presentation of the new APPLE.

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