The winners of the nationwide program “Person of the year 2018” in the nomination “entrepreneur of the year”

Winners of the national program “Person of the year 2018” in the nomination “entrepreneur of the year”.

Andriy BILOUS, Director General of JV LLC “Bitunova Ukraine”

A joint Austrian-Ukrainian company “Bitunova Ukraine” is a subsidiary of STRABAG SE, one of the leaders in the construction market of Europe.

With access to the latest developments in the field of production and application of bituminous emulsions “Bitunova Ukraine” is constantly modernizing the production process and application technology of bitumen emulsions on the same level with European companies of the group and offers its customers modern European products at Ukrainian prices.

Since the founding of the “Bitunova Ukraine” has produced more than 25,000 tonnes of bitumen emulsions and made 1800 thousand m2 thin-layer coating technology MULTIMAC ™, 5100 thousand m2 of surface treatments on the roads of the state value.

Strategic and tactical goals for Your company?: The important thing is to survive and stay in the market, to keep the staff and financial stability of the enterprise. I would like to increase the amount of work.

The main principles of doing business?: For me it is honesty in settlements. The lack of decency in mutual kills the possibility of doing business as such.

What is the lesson for You – the best vacation?: My family. We raise two sons, Yaroslav and Rostislav. They are for me is the biggest happiness.

Maksym KOZITSKY, Director of “Eco-Optima”

Your “Formula for success”?: The best job is vysokooplachivaemoi hobby.

Who did You dream to become in childhood?: A football referee.

Do You have a dream not yet realized: to Become an Olympic champion.

Today to be successful is … to meet the demands of society, to keep up with the times.

Your favourite saying?: If you decided to act – close the door for doubt.

Who do You think is a model of a successful businessman?: Henry Ford.

Why did You start this kind of business?: The novelty of the industry.

If happiness is not in money, then what?: “Money is the quality of leisure time”.

Keep the phrase “Give me a fulcrum and I … will go on the record.”

Whom in this life You jealous?: Those who do not doubt the correctness.

What trait is Your biggest flaw?: Temper.

Do You have favorite book?: “The old man and the sea”.

Who of historical figures You could be friends with if I were his contemporary?: With Mahatma Gandhi.

What wonder of the world you would like to move to your hometown? The tower of Babel – along to “high” goals, together we can fly.

What do You consider your greatest achievement in life, and what is the biggest mistake?: Achievements – my children, failure, lazy holiday.

What is the lesson for You – the best vacation?: The journey and interesting book.

Alina SKOMOROKHOVA, CEO and co-owner of LLC “tin-Impex”

Co-founder of a number of enterprises for the production of electricity from solar power plants, namely: “Ehkotekhnik-Yarmolyntsi”, “Ehkotekhnik myn’kivtsi”, LLC “energy of the Sun-Nova ushytsia”, “Ehkotekhnik-Teofipol”, “Ehkotekhnik-Kamenetz-Podolsk”, JSC “Khmelnytsky Ehkotekhnik” and is the Director of the latter. Co-founder and Chairman of the Charity Fund “Revival of myn’kivtsi state.” Member of the Board of the Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs of Khmelnitsky region.

Co-founder of the International Association of women Ukrainian women (MOJU). Ambasadori Embassy International female entrepreneurs. Partner and co-organizer of the projects: international social project “Kids soccer world”, social project “East and West together”. Assistant of people’s Deputy of Ukraine. Awarded the order “For labour achievements” of the III degree, order of St. Anne II degree, the Ukrainian prize “Higher test”, “Narodna Shana” and international award-winning business Academy “Golden mercury” – the leader of the XXI century, is the winner in the nomination “person of year–2008” – “For enhancing the image of the region” and “Man of the year 2010” – the “Head” of the Khmelnytsky regional popularity rating. Winner of international rating “the Best Manager of Ukraine”. Knight-lady of the order of Princess Olga III degree. The winner of the regional contest of Charity Khmelnytsky 2017 in the nomination “Charity Business”.

The three main events of 2018 on Your version?: 1) Carrying out modernization of its own metallurgical production of aluminum alloys and the introduction of new technologies in the enterprise, including energy-saving. 2) speech at the European Parliament conference on the theme: geopolitics of why the situation with the Crimean Tatars matters. 3) the Organization and holding of the Forum of women Khmelnytsky with representatives of domestic and foreign elites.

What is your motto? “I am a woman! I can!” Education and self-education, daily work on self-improvement, consistency in all things, flexibility and willingness to dialogue are the key components of success in achieving any goal!

Who did You dream to become in childhood? In childhood I dreamed of becoming a doctor and later became and for a long time worked in the profession.

Do You have a dream that is not yet fulfilled? If Yes, what kind? The obtained knowledge allows to correctly build a strategy for the implementation of any ideas, so all my dreams always come true! New born and, today, I want equality for women in all branches of power of Ukraine.

To be successful today is… the ability to turn a dream into a goal and achieve it, to be important and bring happiness to others.

Your favourite saying? “If you want something was said – ask a man; if you want something done – ask a woman” Margaret Thatcher.

Who do you think is a model of a successful businessman? Steve Jobs.

Why did you start this type of business? So there were circumstances that the new profession she chose me. Agreeing to the proposal to organize and lead the steel company, read a lot, studied and learned from the experience of foreign partners, which enabled fast enough to obtain good results and recognition both in Ukraine and in the European markets.

If happiness is not in money, then what? Clearly that happiness is not in money! Happiness is a peaceful mind and peace in the family! Money is a bad master but a great servant.

Keep the phrase “Give me a fulcrum and I… representative of the “weaker” sex, will change the world and prove that will save us not only beauty, but love, care, and peace, and all that carries a woman in his caring and loving soul.”

Whom in this life You jealous? Birds. Thirst high-UPS and wanderings – our with them hell!

What trait is Your biggest flaw? Persistence, which skillfully use under the mask of perseverance.

Do You have a favorite book? If Yes, what kind? There are two absolutely different, but equally favorite books are “gone with the wind” Margaret Mitchell and “Art of government” of Margaret Thatcher.

Who of historical figures You could be friends with if I were his contemporary? Margaret Thatcher.

What wonder of the world You would like to move to your hometown? That it symbolized? Bell World I believe a miracle of our modern world is the symbol of peace, a peaceful life and friendship, eternal brotherhood and solidarity of peoples. And at the same time is a call to action in the name of preserving peace and life on Earth, save mankind and Culture. Extremely important reminder of what can be and is the price of war.

If You have discovered a new planet, how would You call it? Love.

Imagine that You came to visit the US President with a request to show Ukraine. Where would You invite him to the tour? The President of the United States I would have invited to his small Home – in the village of myn’kivtsi Dunaevetskogo district of Khmelnitsky region to fully enjoy the atmosphere of the environment in which a growing majority of Ukrainians. This is a unique historical place within the former myn’kivtsi state, during its existence it became famous as a huge area of change and reform, the territory of freedom, where well-preserved reminders of that time (the end of XVIII century).

What do You consider your greatest achievement in life, and what is the biggest mistake? The main achievement in my life of course, believe their children, family and second family and my team of LLC “tin-Impex” – my supporters, my reliable rear, real professionals. As for errors, are difficult to remember, because life always gives you the choice and chance to fix the flaws!

What is the lesson for You is the best rest? Family travel and new discoveries always have a positive effect on my emotional state and inspire for new achievements, interesting ideas!

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