The winners of special prizes of the 23rd national program “person of the year 2018”

The winners of special prizes of the 23rd national program “person of the year 2018”.

Has already become a good tradition to award the special prize “person of the year” extraordinary individuals who by their creative, innovative ideas and deeds make a significant contribution to the development of Ukrainian science, culture, modern technology and management.

2018 is no exception and we are happy and will be proud to have the honor to welcome the National Opera of Ukraine, holders of Special awards that their discoveries, inventions and know-how are changing our country for the better, make our lives more diverse, harmonious and modern.

Special award “For significant creative contribution to the preservation and development of the institution of the family” – Natalia HORBAL – known lawyer, an expert in family law, writer.

Natalia Horbal is one of the best lawyers of Ukraine and most sought-after expert in the field of family law, writer, successful blogger and columnist, is the author of two acclaimed books in the field of family law “Must have of the season, or a New look at the marriage contract” and “Must have of the season, or Guide to (difficult) family life “. Member of the Association of lawyers of Ukraine, head of the project “Independent scientific consultant”, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on family and inheritance law. Since 2008 is a member of the Association of advocates of Ukraine.

Partner of the Law firm “Golden mean”, the Creator and inspirer of the “Law school”, designed to help young lawyers, graduates and law students to acquire practical skills of their profession. Besides legal practice, actively participates in public and social life of the country. “Knowledge about their rights and obligations, especially in marriage, life much easier”. These words became the Foundation for the educational mission, the legal culture of citizens with the aim of overcoming the legal illiteracy in the marriage and family.

In the books of Natalia, as the main lobbyist of culture of family relations and marriage contract in Ukraine contains important information about all the possible contracts between a man and a woman at each stage of their relationship, which allow you to create family life with clear, truthful and with the maximum legal security of each family member.

The author of the book, at its core, is a reference book on the difficulties of family life that gives a specific algorithm for solving complex problems that always arise in family life, but not always participants in these conflicts with honor and dignity you have. And the main reason is the low legal culture of those who marry.

The Foundation of a happy, strong and long relationship, according to Natalia, consists of the basic principles of building relationships: truth, love and power, following which, there is every chance to build that family you are dreaming of.

For achievements and significant contribution to business development and an inspiring example for women Natalia Horbal became a laureate of the project “stories of successful women,” according to the nomination of the expert Council of the Association of European business development, Agency of strategic marketing “V29” and the magazine “WomanUkraine”.

In 2018, biography Natalia Horbal was made in the historical-biographical and presentation edition of “Legal elite of Ukraine” (2018).

Special prize “For the implementation of creative business projects and the most modern technologies in Ukraine” – Fortunato Guadalupe – TOP Manager at international level, one of the most successful Italian businessmen, who almost 25 years of experience in the dairy industry of Ukraine.

Fortunato Guadalupe successfully managing international businesses for over 30 years and today holds the position of General Director at Group of companies “TERRA FOOD”, as head of the dairy business for the fifth consecutive year.

Fortunato Guadalupe from childhood to know all the intricacies of the dairy business, he was born in southern Italy in the family of a successful businessman. Fortunato led the family dairy business when he was only 20 years and successfully developed it to 1993, the dairy company was founded by his father in 1956, His career has always been associated with this industry. After the company CPL Guadalupi Srl has absorbed global producer of dairy products Parmalat, Fortunato has held senior positions in the company in different countries, including Italy, Russia, Ukraine, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. In 1995, with the assistance of Parmalat started to work in Ukraine. Thanks to international and multicultural expertise, Fortunato has a unique perspective on the prospects of international markets and international entrepreneurship.

In January 2015, Mr. Guadalupe joined TERRA FOOD as a consultant for strategic development, and in February 2016, he was appointed CEO of the company. A year and a half of work in the company top Manager could say that he managed to shift the focus of the company from production volumes to profitability. Fortunato Guadalupe says that the biggest challenge was to make something that nobody wants to take up something from which all refused. He had to overcome the resistance and fear of people. And he did it.

Under the leadership of Fortunato Guadalupe are actively developing innovative projects and advanced technologies in manufacturing, introducing quality standards and food safety at international level, development of fundamentally new products. All production plants are consolidated in the dairy holding company, centered on making business decisions. Control of sites is carried out with application of uniform business standards. Implemented a matrix management structure, the Central office focused centers of expertise and there is professional management of all production sites of the company.

A lot of time and enthusiasm Fortunato is investing in increasing leadership potential, brings the best international practices for leadership and management. Fortunato has a fine sense of talent, which is why he is able to show and develop young, progressive and ambitious leaders, who are the main prerequisite for dynamic development of the dairy market of Ukraine.

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