The winner of the Nobel prize for literature-2018: what is known about the Ukrainian origin Tokarchuk

Polish writer of Ukrainian origin Olga Tokarchuk was the winner of the Nobel prize for literature in 2018. What is known about Tokarchuk – read the material LifeStyle 24.

Thursday, 10 October, in Stockholm announced the names of winners of the Nobel prize for literature in 2018 and 2019. The award for 2018 was awarded to Olga Tokarchuk, and for 2019 – the Austrian Peter Handke.

Olga Tokarchuk – biography

Olga Tokarchuk grew up in the city Sulekova in a family of immigrants from Ukraine, then moved with his parents in Kietrz, where he graduated from secondary school im. Norwid. The woman is a graduate of the faculty of psychology at Warsaw University. During study was engaged in mentally sick people as a volunteer.

The main principles of the life of Olga: “no decisions before my morning coffee” and “is what is written”.

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Olga Tokarchuk proud Ukrainian roots

In 2009 Olga Tokarchuk creative meeting at the National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”, writes the Internet-the edition “Litigant”. The writer said that the Ukrainian origin in her family was a grandmother. Then she admitted that Ukrainian family history is not a secret, because her father at the age of seven was left an orphan.

Twice I made attempts to learn about it and traveled to the Ukraine, in particular Lviv, but perhaps it’s too late now for such intelligence. People who would to tell something, died, I couldn’t find any documents. The Ukrainian part of my personality a little literary imaginary. Although something Ukrainian in me is still there, for example, a musical ear, I sing the second voice, and is convinced that this is the Ukrainian hell
she said.

In an interview for ZAXID.NET in 2010, said that in 2009, she was found with part of the family, which moved to France after the war.

“We talked to them a strange Polish-Ukrainian mishmash, I don’t know Ukrainian, although his father knows… And here in Lviv have a family, not far from Zbarazh. In General, Tokarchuk originate from Currents near Ternopil”, – she added.

And for the newspaper “Young bukovynets” in 2011 the writer once again confirmed its Ukrainian roots. “Despite the fact that my ancestors were Polish Catholics, my last name is Ukrainian,” said Tokarchuk.

I am very proud that a lot of creative ideas in Polish literature and culture in General somehow were related or rooted in the East, in Ukraine. For myself, I interpret his Ukrainian origin as a second measurement. Very proud to being here in Ukraine, I know Ukrainian, although, of course, do not catch individual words. But in General, don’t even need translation. It’s really like some kind of second dimension
– said Olga Tokarchuk wins Nobel prize for literature in 2018.

What is known about the work of Olga Tokarchuk?

The first novel by Olga “the journey of the people of the Book” (1993) immediately gained fame and subsequent compositions only improved her reputation as a strong writer. Last novel Tokarchuk is the “House of day, house of night”, which was written in 1998.

The novel “Runners” earned her the most prestigious in the country literary prize “Nike”. As of October 10 Tokarchuk she was awarded the Nobel prize for literature in 2018 “for a story with an encyclopedic passion is the intersection of the borders as forms of life”.

What is known about the Nobel prize for literature?The prize is awarded since 1901. It was awarded to a total of 114 people – in some years the prize has not been awarded, some of it was divided between two writers. The bonus Fund of 9 million Swedish kronor (more than 900 thousand US dollars). In 2017, the winner was a British writer of Japanese descent Kazuo Ishiguro.

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