The winner of Eurovision-2018 Netta Barzilai presented the clip, filmed in Kiev – video

Israeli singer Netta Barzilai, which won the international Eurovision song contest-2018, presented a new video for the song “Bassa Sababa”. The movie star was filming in Kiev.

After Eurovision-2018 bright and extravagant Netta Barzilai around the world. Therefore, when the star arrived in July in Kiev, the network immediately exploded with news: Israeli singer makes a video in Ukraine. But it was not the only visit Netty in the capital. In December she repeated her visit to finish the final shots.

On Friday, February 1, the singer presented a striking video for the song “Bassa Sababa”. The plot of the video, Netta Barzilai ready to marry attractive brunette. However, suddenly a man runs away from his bride. Star decides to catch up with his chosen one, therefore goes to the pink car from the original portal, made in the form of her head. The chase Nettie for a man comes in the form of computer games, which in the end, ends with the defeat of the groom.

Unusual story brought to the streets of Kiev. It is known that the filmmakers filmed the movie “Bassa Sababa” on capital Boulevard, Darnytskyi bridge and the famous library named after Vernadsky.

Watch the new clip Nettie Barzilai for the song “Sababa Bassa”: the video, shot in Kiev


Netta Barzilai received worldwide fame after the Eurovision song contest-2018. The singer performed at the Eurovision song contest with the song “Toy”, which because of the unusual manner of performance became a hit. After winning the show’s star continues vocal career and preparing to release a solo album, which will include a bright composition “Bassa Sababa”. Perhaps this song Netta Barzilai will present on one of the semi-finals of Eurovision-2019, which will be held in Israel.

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