The whole truth about the record Messi salary

Lionel Messi. Photo: Reuters

New data on wages the Argentine forward of “Barcelona”.


The French portal Mediapart, citing Leaks Football provider of all financial secrets from behind the scenes of football, – has slightly opened a veil of secrecy over recently extended the contract of Lionel Messi.

According to Mediapart, by agreement, calculated up to 2021, which in November signed the Argentinian, he earns – breathe in – 100 million euros per year (“dirty”).

After paying all that requires him to Spanish law, on account of Messi is about 50 million euros – an amount more than twice the “net” salary Cristiano Ronaldo (€21 million – according to El Mundo).

Thus, the main star of “Barcelona” has cost the club more than € 400 million over those four seasons, which was prolonged by the agreement.


These 100 million are divided as follows: fixed salary of 71 million (pre-tax), 15% of which is image rights. Added to it a “lift” for the renewal of the contract (63.5 million) and a bonus for loyalty – if Messi will not leave Barcelona until the expiration of the term of the agreement, he will receive an additional exhale to 70 million.


Yes, a “fat” contract means the bonus amount for a particular achievement. If the Argentine holds 60% of the games in the season plus 1.9 million (before taxes); if the club wins the Champions League by another 12 million. This contract has too many zeros, but it is explained very easily – on the planet, came from Messi, simply a different notation.

Yegor BYCHKOV, Sport-Express

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