The water in the shower and the sink may contain bacteria, which can lead to death

American scientists at the University of Arizona and Drechselschule of the University of Pennsylvania found that the water in the toilets, showers and sinks may contain harmful bacteria and contribute to the development of infectious diseases.

Researchers have considered various factors to assess the risk of exposure to such pathogens as Legionella (Legionella).

These bacteria can occur in soil and water, they lead to the development of Legionnaires ‘ disease, says MedicalXpress. This infection leads to death in 10-25% of cases.

The experts used data on the number and size of aerosol particles that are sprayed using different types of shower, faucets and toilets.


It turned out that the risk of infection with bacteria was the highest if the person is exposed to splashes of water, inhaling droplets with bacteria.

The probability of disease increases if you use several sources of water in the house. The most vulnerable group was people who are less able to fight infection – the elderly and people who have health problems.

In addition, colonies of Legionella can occur in houses with complex supply system where water can be a long time to stagnate.

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