The water in Borislav served 3 hours per day


– A day ride to her daughter in the hospital in Borislav. The doctors there are good. But the bad conditions. Also water is not always. Have the tanks, they are filled. Cook there for two days. Because dining room can not work normally, – says 62-year-old Valentina Sergeevna. Took the bus 20 km from Boryslav Drohobych district, Lviv region. Keeps cellular bag.

With the New year, the water in the 34 th Borislav include 3 hours a day. The problems began due to the increase in electricity tariffs.

– Water is fed to the station at a height of 227 meters. Borislav – it’s the Carpathians. Length of highways – nearly 100 miles away, – says the Deputy of the mayor Roman Sadowski, 44 years. Full, dressed in a gray jacket and blue shirt with a tie. Talking in his office. Just returned from a meeting of the Executive Committee, which approved the schedule of water supply for the next three months. – There are large costs for pump operation. Especially now, when electricity became more expensive.

There is another problem. Water pipe laid in the 1950s. the Whole rotten. Lost 70 percent of the water for breakthroughs. It is necessary to change tubes. Part of the highway did. There’s 49 kilometers.

Borislav is the only city in the world, located in industrial oil and ozokerite field. It has more than thousand oil wells.

– Water in Borislav was always hard, because I can’t afford to own well – adds Sadowski. The oil lies so near that in the basements of some houses emerges through the Foundation.

Across the street from city Council – kindergarten. Working in an old three-story homes. In the first case, two women in the Laundry lay the Laundry in the machine. Next – water bath.

– Working here for 20 years – says the head of the kindergarten 59-year-old Oksana Panel. Talking in her office. Dressed in a knitted sweater and a long plaid skirt. Gray hair pulled back. – Stored water in the tanks of 100-150 litres. If it’s not enough help from the city Council. In the morning on the water, which is scored, and make Breakfast – porridge, tea. Wash the dishes. Sometimes, water is allowed into the lunch, then fill the tanks, wash the bed.

Workers often ask for leave for an hour and a half to run home to get water. Substitute each other.

In the bathroom on a metal stand high on the ceiling are white barrels. From them to toilet lead pipe. On the wash – kettles of water for washing hands.

200 m from kindergarten, the Central square. Nearby taxi drivers drinking coffee from paper cups, laughing.

– We have forever: if not oil, then water, – says the man in black trousers, smoothed on edge and red down jacket. Called Vitaly, a 32 year. Has a family, two children. The driver “Lanos” works for two years.

– Well, I have a private home. There is a tank in the garage with the tank 500 liters. Gray water from electricity. Tank handed mother-in-law from Italy. Says, there are in every home stand. But 500 litres is not enough. Select in the bath and the cans – pokoryaet a cigarette. But water, which is of poor quality. Children joke that Fanta coming out of the tap, because the pipe rotted away.

When the water, reported via “Facebook”. I have a page. What to do for older people? Across the road is the restaurant “Baranski bridge.” I have a friend working as a bartender. They also have no water. You can go to ask. Tell him that from me.

Andrew the bartender in the red shirt with the logo of the institution is preparing a coffee with milk. The restaurant is located in the basement. Almost all the wooden tables are occupied.

– The water in the tanks. Uncomfortable, but fine. Customers did not become less. The food is cheap and delicious, – says Andrey. Is absurd. In a city with such resources – such stupid problems.

At the entrance of a two story house on Central street Shevchenko is 63-year-old Svetlana Zhovnir. Her husband, 69-year-old Bogdan G., worked in Ukrnafta mechanic. Repaired motors pump oil from wells. Spouses living with son John, 38 years.

– An hour ago the water has started, – says Svetlana Andreevna. – Dial in to tomorrow enough.

Up the wooden stairs to the second floor of the house. Opens the heavy metal door of the apartment, invites. On the threshold meets Bogdan G. in a white shirt. The apartment is bright, with a fresh renovation. The man pulls out from a cupboard the glasses, pours the cognac.

– So, to keep warm, says.

Svetlana Andreevna bring sandwiches with sausage and cheese and tea.

– There would have oil – would be water. And so, no water, no oil, – laughs the owner. Almost all wells developing Ukrnafta. Maybe someone where dangle at the garden, the neighbors didn’t know – puts a glass. – For peace in Borislav! Oil lies deep. Are you searching for water and oil flows. To filter water – it’s expensive. And the quality is bad. So put it only through the Resort.

Once Franco wrote the novel “Boryslav is laughing”. Now he is not laughing, rather angry.

8 percent is the official unemployment rate in Borislav. Up to a quarter of the population had left to work abroad, according to unofficial data.

Oil got in the air and the wells

The main industrial sector Boryslav – oil and gas. The first well came here in 1861. After half a century Boryslav oil accounted for 5% of the world.

Local Deposit of ozokerite is a derivative product of crude oil – was one of the largest in the world. In the early nineteenth century acted up to 2 thousand ozokerite mines. The raw materials were extracted manually.

“Everyone dug as wanted and could. Pit near pit near pit test pit. Boryslav hollow looked like a perforated sieve. Millions of buckets in a continuous motion. From dawn to dark nights the entire space was covered with grimy workers,” – wrote in one of Lviv Newspapers in 1868.

After independence in exploratory activities in the Carpathian region dropped. Today the Borislav oil is supplied to the Drohobych oil refinery. Petroleum gas in Boryslav gas processing plant.

Near the town there are also deposits manitobah shale, sand, gypsum, salt, 10 sources of mineral water type “Naftusya”.

Environment Borislav contaminated with oil and products of its processing. She was in the air, much of it in pits, ravines, and underground waters.


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