The verdict accountants and lawyers: who can be fired in 2018

In uncertain times people are concerned about how the rest of their working life, whether they are in demand on the labour market? This anxiety is quite justified, as today it is experiencing unprecedented recent transformation.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

After the crisis

The last two years it was hard to find a decent and well-paid job. Especially difficult to find work was 2016. According to the head of the project “Antipasto” Alena Vladimirskaya, some jobs came to only 800 summary.

However, at the end of last year, the situation began to improve, the number of vacancies every month grows by 10-12%. This is especially noticeable in the capital, but the closest neighbors — residents of the Moscow region — the situation is not yet corrected.

Note that even in Moscow, the increase in provide the so-called salespeople, there are specialists in the sale of goods and services. The crisis forces people to save, turnover falls. And to implement the same number of products, requires a greater number of managers.

Another category of sought-after professionals, oddly enough, are also the top managers. There are also to blame for the crisis. Many business owners, he is forced to return from distant places in Russia for the management of their companies. And here they often come into conflict with their Directors. Moreover, in the current environment requires that competence is associated not so much with growth, but with conservation achieved. As a result, many top managers leaving their offices. Some of these former executives for a year and a half can’t find a new job.

Another source of growth in jobs is a big business primarily with state participation. Compared to other firms, these companies feel more confident. Therefore, hatching plans for additional recruitment.

But in the small and medium business, the situation is different: this segment is actively reduced. And former employees of such companies to find new jobs difficult.

On horseback

According to the forecast by Alena Voskresenskaya, in 2018, more confident others feel the representatives of the IT industry. The number of jobs in this sector is growing rapidly at 10-15% annually. Even in a crisis here, not only didn’t fire anyone, but also did not reduce salary. This occurred, first, because the industry is money. Second, if the expert did not satisfy the conditions, it is easy to find another place. Therefore, it is tried to keep.

However, everything is not so clear, emphasizes the expert. Favorable situation in the first place for IT-the sector connected with the Internet. But the system pros can’t feel confident — they have few major public contracts: state organization for political reasons do not want to buy foreign software products, and the business often tries to save it.

Rapidly growing demand for experts in the digital economy: those who understand what a blockchain and cryptocurrencies and knows what to do with it. Moreover, there are experts including from related industries. A start up in this area come up with young talented programmers. But when their projects are gaining momentum, they don’t know how to manage them. Here are professionals-accountants, systems analysts, sales managers.

Unexpectedly for experts will surely be able to look to the future representatives of the agricultural sector. Since the beginning of the exchange of sanctions with the West, it is developing so successfully that there was even a request for highly paid managers, and in the regions. This is due to the need for specialists, able to organize the production and know the specifics of the export operations. In agriculture really came big money, and it quickly affected the demand for personnel.

Also emerged a demand for engineers. However, while weak. Increasingly, employers are looking for specialists in robotics. In this segment came investment, but relevant professionals were not enough. Many of them though have the appropriate education, but the specialty did not work. Therefore, the set of these frame companies are experiencing considerable difficulties.

The influx of specialists need other sectors of the economy. This is especially noticeable in online education and industry low-cost entertainment.

Another segment where there is a set of specialists is a Bank FINTECH. In this area is a fundamental restructuring of offline it increasingly moves to online, so need people who are able to establish and maintain new services.

At risk

Experts believe that changes in the banking sector will cause large-scale layoffs. They relate primarily to office workers. With the help of Informatization of banking processes the need for them will be permanently reduced. According to some estimates, will soon be fired up to 20% of Bank clerks. The knife cuts will primarily hit women over forty. They have a narrow specialization, and to be retrained in other professions it is difficult.

Massive cuts will also affect local government employees appropriate decisions have been already announced. Will send officials of lower and middle levels.

At risk of losing a job hit and accountants, especially the lower and middle levels. Today there are programs that quite successfully replace them. Soon, this phenomenon will become widespread. Also do not relax lawyers, librarians, cashiers, which also displace software products that enable you to automate repetitive operations.

Will vary and retail. According to Alena Vladimirskaya, has been drawn up the plans of many retailers in the automation of cash services and warehouse operations.

In the field of construction and real estate has developed a contradictory situation. There is a large demand for designers and urbanists. Like this circumstance can only rejoice, as this leads to improvement in the quality of construction. However, this is largely not a good life. The crisis has led to reduction of solvent demand for housing, “squares”, it became much harder to sell. So use the services of specialists who package ordinary homes and apartment complexes in an attractive wrapper.

How long this situation will last? Requires a minimum of three to five “fat” years that people have accumulated money, and the real estate market began excitement. And only then the demand for “packaging” and therefore “packers” some will fall.

As for the builders themselves, then there is hope for them yet. And if used to cut installers, painters, crane operators, today this applies to both managerial and technical staff. On stroyline a wave of bankruptcies and acquisitions of developers, so managers-doubles fired.

Known Chinese curse: may you live in interesting times. Russians live in this time. And young people choosing a profession, it is necessary to understand what will happen in the next few years in the labour market. And most thorough way to choose a profession in demand. Otherwise working life may not saladita from the beginning.

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