The US Treasury is “actively working” on anti-Russian sanctions: why they are “cosmetic»

The Minister of Finance of the United States Steven Mnuchin said that his Department is developing new sanctions against Russia, which will be introduced in the near future. He also stressed that the introduction of new package of restrictive measures wants and President Donald trump. Formerly of the us presidential administration sounded contradictory statements. The state Department, for example, doubted that sanctions should be imposed in the near future. “MK” with the help of an expert tried to figure out what really wants trump and his team.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

The building of the Ministry of Finance of the United States.

“I am extremely made clear that in respect of Russia sanctions will be imposed”, — said Mnuchin, mentioning that work on them “actively”. According to him, the President endorses the introduction of restrictive measures against Moscow and has delegated this authority to the Ministry of Finance. Mnuchin did not specify when exactly will be presented to the sanctions and who exactly they will affect.

“This statement was preceded by vague Mnuchin position and the Ministry of Finance and the state Department, recalled in a commentary, “MK” chief researcher of the Institute of USA and Canada studies, Vladimir Vassilyev. American Ministry of Finance announced its opposition to the imposition of sanctions, the state Department seems to have occupied the same position. Then followed the statement of the senators who urged the administration, according to “Kremlin report”, to impose any restrictions. The last statement Mnuchin, in my opinion, is related to this event. What will be the penalties, hard to say, but there is reason to believe that at this stage the administration will try to enter only “cosmetic” restrictions. She will dramatically strengthen the sanctions regime in order to radically complicate relations with Moscow. Even if something is entered, it is likely to be peripheral, symbolic, or at least not very painful sanctions.

The fact that Trump required the assistance of Moscow in the issues related to Syria, and most importantly, North Korea. As soon as the Olympics, the Americans will have to tackle the North Korean nuclear program problem. And here, of course, Washington hopes for cooperation with Russia. If the administration will go to drastic steps against Moscow, cooperation will be eliminated. To fight in these conditions on several fronts for America expensive.

Sanctions are needed in the United States only from the point of view of the political situation. All live in anticipation of the midterm elections, and Democrats are trying to gain on the subject of sanctions a certain number of political points. From my point of view, the administration will trump the issue of sanctions to act as carefully balanced and rather, on the basis of a certain symbolism, rather than real damage to the Russian side. But we should not forget that in the administration today is dominated by great uncertainty, a single weighted line, definitely no. There are contradictory approaches, and it is not clear which one will prevail”.

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