The US special envoy in Venezuela: negotiations with Maduro is long gone

The US special envoy for Venezuela Elliott Abrams and Secretary of state Mike Pompeo (archive photo)


The US special envoy in Venezuela: negotiations with Maduro is long gone


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Elliot Abrams said that to discuss the terms of departure of Maduro from his post

The US special envoy for Venezuela Eliot Abrams said that the time for talks with President Nicolas Maduro “has long passed”, adding that to be discussed now are only the departure of Maduro from his post.

On Thursday, during a press briefing at the state Department, Abrams said that Maduro is “friends” in the face of Cuba and Russia. He added that several countries suggested that the Venezuelan dictator asylum. Abrams did not specify which countries in question.

Elliot Abrams also said that the us government revoked the visa earlier granted to several deputies of the Venezuelan Constitutional Assembly, which was convened by Maduro to work on the text of the new Constitution.

According to the opposition and many residents of Venezuela, Maduro initiated in 2017 elections for the Constitutional Assembly were rigged.

Meanwhile, the state Department announced the beginning of deliveries of food, medicine and other humanitarian aid requested from the global community leader of the opposition and interim President of the country Juan Guido. The state Department urged the Venezuelan security forces to allow humanitarian aid into the country.

Maduro has ordered the military not to miss a humanitarian convoy through a border bridge connecting Venezuela with Colombia. Next to the bridge has placed huge tanker and two large container, blocking all attempts of transportation of humanitarian cargo.

Press Secretary of the UN Secretary General, antónio Guterres, said Thursday that “aid cannot be used as a change political coin” and demanded that humanitarian aid was transferred to the country in “accordance with the principles of humanity, neutrality, impartiality and independence”.

European and Latin American diplomats gathered on Thursday in Uruguay for a meeting on the situation in Venezuela, called for the resolution of conflict without violence and foreign interference. They stated that the Venezuelan people alone to solve the problems.

Nicolas Maduro has rejected all proposals for the holding of early presidential elections. He continues to accuse the U.S. of supporting the opposition to conduct a coup d’etat.

  • News service “voice of America”


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