The United States decided to make the relationship with Cyprus, “closer”: in Moscow panic

Washington plans to abolish the old arms embargo against Cyprus – they say it means strengthening regional stability. The intention of the United States called “anti-Russian”.

This was announced by Cypriot Minister of foreign Affairs Nikos Hristodulidis, writes AP.

Hristodulidis noted that Washington sees “added value” in the provision of Cyprus the opportunity to acquire military equipment. They believe that this will help to empower countries to enhance regional security.

The Minister noted that the process of lifting the embargo means that Washington no longer considers Cyprus exclusively through the prism of unresolved conflict.

It is proof, if you want recognition by the US administration a positive role Cyprus plays as a pillar of stability and security in the wider region,
he said.

However, the publication writes that the growing interest of the US to the rich gas to the East Mediterranean has angered Russia.

Thus, the Russian foreign Ministry last month warned of what it calls “anti-Russian plans” the military capacity of States in Cyprus. They think that it is in the US invented in order to counter “the growing influence of Russia” in the region.

However, Hristodulidis said that Moscow’s statement does not reflect reality. In response to such allegations, the Cypriot Minister said that closer ties with Washington should not be interpreted as those who “harm” the relations of Cyprus with any other country.

He stressed that the foreign policy of Cyprus is not involved in the “game with zero result”.

What is an embargo?
This trade-economic constraints. These include the imposition of a government ban on the importation from other States or out of state gold, foreign currencies, certain goods, and other weapons.

In addition, we are talking about banning the state government entry into its ports by foreign ships or their release. It is also possible partial or complete cessation of trade with some countries on the UN or another intergovernmental organization as a repressive measure to a specific state for violation of the UN Charter or other negative impacts.

In Cyprus the embargo imposed in 1987 to prevent the building of weapons that would hinder diplomatic efforts to reunify divided Cyprus. The island was split along ethnic lines in 1974 after the Turkish invasion, which happened after a coup aimed at Union with Greece.

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