The UN security Council, Russia demanded the truth about the explosion in Severodvinsk

In USA I want to know what exploded under the Severodvinsk, and asked Russia during a meeting of the UN security Council on August 22. This meeting called out of turn, Russia and China due to the test launch of a cruise missile ground-based, which August 18, carried out the United States.

The acting permanent U.S. representative to the UN Jonathan Cohen during an emergency meeting of the security Council appealed to the Russian representative with the requirement to disclose information about “this mysterious” explosion on 8 August in the Arkhangelsk region. This writes the “Voice of America”.

In the end, the meeting convened in connection with the testing of American missiles on the initiative of Moscow and Beijing, it’s been to no avail.

Representatives of Russia and the US have traditionally blamed each other for the collapse of the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate and short range. The Kremlin was outraged about the danger of a new arms race, and the representative of the White house focused on the “mysterious explosion”.

What happened in Russia on 8 August? Why the explosion occurred? What kind of “system” says and what the purpose of this “system” built?
asked Cohen the Russians.

Well, the representative of China said that Beijing is not interested in signing any treaties on arms limitation and control.

Read more about urgent meeting of the UN security Council at Russia’s request – in the article 24 of the channel.

Briefly about the explosion at Archangel

According to official figures, the explosion and fire occurred on August 8 during testing of liquid rocket engine installations. Then allegedly killed 7 people, about 15 were injured. Moreover, a sensitive site of the Russian Ministry of emergency situations-nicknames are not allowed, with the consequences of the accident were fighting the military.

The day of the explosion sensors in Severodvinsk showed a significant excess of background radiation that the Russian defense Ministry denied. After some time, the weather center released information that from-for explosion at a military training ground radiation levels higher than the usual figures 4-6 times.

Note that on the ground in the village of Nyonoksa, in which the explosion occurred, test almost all missiles that are armed warships of the Navy of Russia. And there test engines and missiles for nuclear submarines.

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