The Ukrainians are talking less on mobile

Last year the Ukrainians were talking on a cell phone of 188.8 billion minutes. This is 50 million less than the year before. At the same time, began to communicate more over the Internet, using programs video Skype, viber and you.

My husband went to work in the Czech Republic, — says the 32-year-old Barbara Tseluyko from Khmelnytsky. — Chat on the phone expensive minute of conversation is UAH 5. I connected the rate of Mobile Internet. 100 hryvnia per month, the operator provides me with 5 gigabytes of unlimited Internet and social network. This is enough to communicate daily with her husband in viber and Skype.

In 2018, the Ukrainians paid for mobile calls 14.7 billion UAH, mobile Internet — UAH 16 billion. For the first time the Internet charges have exceeded the cost of telephony.

11 million Ukrainians live in areas where there is 2G coverage mobile Internet with slow data transfer. More than 21 million where it acts faster 3G, 8.9 million — where has high-speed 4G Internet.

Most often, the Ukrainians communicate through viber application is for 83% of all smartphones in Ukraine.


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