The Ukrainian scheme of tax evasion: who has the most steals

The fight against tax evasion, it was logical to start with schemes, from which the country is losing more, or at least all at the same time. The policy stated that it would collect more money by imposing taxes, in particular, Technic Popov (individual entrepreneurs) to balance the state budget.

About this in his video blog, “the Right to Dostoinstvo” said the Chairman of public organization “Center of counteraction of corruption” Vitaly Shabunin.

“On the infographic (below – 24 channel) you see the Ukrainian scheme of tax evasion. The more an animal and a red circle next to it, the more taxes the budget is not received for this scheme. From abuse of the system Popov we lose ten times less than that of the offshore schemes of smuggling,” – said social activist.

Offshore schemes – the dinosaur in the picture – we are stealing 50 billion dollars per year. But for the government this scheme, it seems, is not a problem. From smuggling and gray import, we lose up to UAH 70 billion – the figure is a bear. And it is for politicians not the problem. Conversion center – the figure of this shark – eat 50 billion more of our money. And this is not a problem. As we can see, neither the offshore nor smuggling, nor with conversion centers power does not fight,
– said Shabunin.

The Ukrainian scheme of tax evasion // Institute of socalo-econome transformat

According to Shabunina, if the above-described schemes, we are losing 150 billion, but the government chooses to deal with Foamy, it seems that the losses from them than from offshore, smuggling and convertinto.

“No. No more. The losses from abuse of the system Popov – five billion hryvnia. It is ten times less than our losses from offshore schemes, ten times less than the losses on smuggling, and ten times less convertinto. I have a logical question of power. Friends, don’t you think that you have serious problems with the definition of priorities?” – said social activist.

Video full video blog of Vitaly Shabunina “Right to dignity” for 23 February 2019


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