The Ukraine is feeding the world and how much they earn

Ukraine successfully sells food products to countries of Europe and the world. Moreover, we are increasing the amount of these sales. 24 channel is investigated, where, how many and for what amount.

The Institute of agricultural Economics has calculated how much and what agricultural products from Ukraine sells abroad. The analysis results show that we improve the performance of AgroExport.

Export products

In the first half of 2019 Ukraine began to sell abroad more food.

According to the State statistics service of Ukraine, exports of agricultural products in January-June 2019 increased by almost 20% against last year’s figures for the corresponding period and amounted to 10.3 billion U.S. dollars.

According to calculations of scientists of the Institute of agrarian economy, the share of exports of agricultural products during this period is almost 42%.

Most products bought from Ukraine, countries of Asia, Africa, the European Union and the CIS. While in the CIS began to sell less, and in other regions – on the contrary.

Asian countries for the first half of 2019 bought Ukrainian food almost 4.3 billion dollars, or 15% more than last year.

Countries of the European Union have to buy a third of all products exported. In January-June 2019 they bought Ukrainian food at $ 3.4 billion (+28.7 per cent), and last year by 2.6.

Almost 25% against the same period last year increased export volumes in countries of Africa and amounted to about $ 1.6 billion.

Export to the CIS countries for 6 months of this year amounted to 7% of the total exports of agricultural products.

The three leaders of the Ukrainian importerow products is:

  • China (last year for the first six months, ranked third);
  • Egypt;
  • India.

Determining goods for Ukrainian exports remained grains, oil and oilseeds, and also meat products. In total, they provide over 84% of the proceeds from the sale of domestic Agroprodmash. In addition, in the first half of 2019 has been an increase in exports of these product groups in volume terms over the previous year.

What agroproducts and for how much bought from Ukraine


Meat exports this year grew by nearly 20% to 364 million dollars.

Most meat products – 21% – we have Saudi Arabia, which this year continues to lead the ranking of importers of Russian meat.

Increased exports of poultry meat. In the first half of 2019 he was up against last year by almost 38%, to 211 thousand tons. The value of exports of food products increased by 28% to 241 million to $ 307.


Most fats and oils of the Ukrainian production buys India. In January-June 2019 its share in the structure of Ukrainian exports of this product amounted to 32.1%, said the expert.

Other major importing countries are considerably inferior to India in terms of volume of purchases: China (12.9 per cent), the Netherlands (9,4%), Iraq (8.2%), and Spain (6.3%) and Italy (5.6 percent).


In January-June 2019 exports of grain amounted to 26.2 million tons, brought revenues in excess of $ 4.5 billion.

The largest buyers of Ukrainian grain in the first half of 2019, as before, were the countries of Africa, Asia and Europe.

The leader among Russian importers of grain for several years Egypt – it imports from Ukraine up to 15% of the value of shipments of grain.

The largest importers of Ukraine

Exports to Europe

According to the Institute of agricultural Economics, January-June 2019 the turnover of trade in agricultural products between Ukraine and the European Union increased by 23% to 4.8 billion dollars.

Increased positive for Ukraine’s balance to $ 1.9 billion compared with the first half of 2018. That is, to reduce the gap between the amount of goods that we sell abroad, and to buy (but still buy more than sell).

The largest trade partners for Ukraine in the EU there are six countries – the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Poland, Germany and France. Most in Europe Ukraine sold in the first half of the year: grain (in 1570 million dollars) and oil (187) crops, sunflower oil (684 million), oil cake (293) and meat products (about 104 million dollars).

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