The UEFA Cup-2018/19: the European estimates for Ukraine

For “Dynamo” and “Dawn” the new season will start with the training. Photo:

In Ukraine the participants of the European Cup have already decided. Know where and when to begin, and already now it is possible to estimate the range of rivals.

Sure it will be possible to judge very soon after the final match of the Champions League, the completion of all national Championships and holding the Cup finals in those countries where this has not yet happened.

Meantime, let’s see offhand.



Group tournament. 2-I basket

With the Donetsk club is almost all clear. He will play in the Champions League group stage, while “the seed” falls into the second basket. Would have been first if the Cup Champions got a fresh champion of his country.

Alas, neither “real” nor “Liverpool” the first did not, and therefore, the eighth “uterus” is one of them, and not the champion of the seventh coefficient of the country of Ukraine.

Their opponents the team will learn 30 August at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco.

So, in the first basket: Atletico Madrid (winner of the Europa League), Barcelona, Bayern, Manchester city, Juventus, PSG, Lokomotiv Moscow, FC Porto, plus the winner of the Champions League in 2018.

In the second basket, in addition to Shakhtar will be just due to the high coefficients of Borussia Dortmund, Porto, “Manchester United” and “Napoli”. Further – depends on how the rest of the upcoming final and who will make their way on mechaninsm way. There are only two vacancies, but the selection is large.

Dynamo, if you become the owner of one of these two packages, fall into the third basket. But to break it will not be easy. If all goes well, then Arsenal will certainly wait for Schalke, Lyon, Monaco and CSKA. Sure the fourth will be “inter” and “Hoffenheim”.

The “group of death” it is possible to estimate now. Later it may be even worse.


3rd qualifying round. “Tournament of 10“. 10 candidates, 2 positions

As with last year, Kiev will begin with the third qualifying round, but this time it involved 15 teams and only 10, permits only two. It is much harder.

On the other hand, if the starting failure no need to worry about further European destiny. The losers in this phase, plan to group stage of Europa League. To go far away as a year ago on the island of Madeira, is not necessary.

2nd qualifying round

The third qualifying round on “the Way of the League” or, if you like, “Path is not of Champions” is preceded by a second round involving four teams, two of which will be “seeded” based on the current UEFA coefficient. Talking about “Basel” (73,0) and Ajax (53,5). “Asiany” – PAOK (29,5) and “Sturm (6,57). The draw for this stage will take place on June 19.

3rd qualifying round

The winners of the two pairs go in the third qualifing. Again, “sowing”. With nuances, because the draw will take place before the team will sort things out for the second qualification. The draw for the third round – July 23 games of the second round 24/25 July 31 July/ 1 August.

In the top four “seeding” Benfica” (80,0), Basel (71.0 per) or the winner, “Dynamo” (62,0), “Ajax” (53,0) or the winner. “Asiany”: “Fenerbahce” (23,5), “Spartak” M (13,5), standard (for 12.5) and Vice-champion of Czech Republic – Slavia or Jablonec. The word note that the “Slavia” before the final round ahead by three points and with a significantly superior goal difference, so most likely it will start with the Champions League.

It rivals quite on forces if, of course, pretend something.

4th qualifying round

There is four teams, who will also be “sow”. And again the draw before the games are to be held the third round – 6 Aug. If you will defeat the favorites, “Dynamo” among the two “seeded” will not appear. So, first, by the wish of Kiev to start to overcome the first barrier, and then we will wish failure to Basel. Benfica – just out of inertia, although its possible the winner also gift will not.

Additional caveat: if the Dynamo in case of successful passage to the round of the playoffs will fall my lot to play with the winner of pair “Spartak” the situation, on idea, should immediately to replay. It seems that the breed of the Ukrainian team with the Russian would continue.


Possible rivals Dynamo in the third qualifying round, a defeat which sends the group of the Europa League, the former club of Alexander Karavaeva Fenerbahce, current club Valeriy Luchkevych “standard” and is almost certainly present (yet) club Eduard Sobol “Slavia”. Anyway – the Vice-champion of the Czech Republic. With “Spartak” will not play.



Group tournament. 4th basket

In the Europa League scope for speculation a lot more. Even the “Vorskla”, which already knows where I am. She should think about where to hold matches of the group stage. As though there was no dilemma or the payment of back wages, or bring the stadium to the mind, that is up to the required 4-th category.

What was enough in 2010, will not suffice now. First of all, turnstiles and lighting. In Poltava are waiting for the Commission to UEFA – it will tell you the solutions to the problems. Otherwise, at the “arena Lviv”, “Chernomorets”, “Dnepr-arena”…

Poltava their rivals on the way to Baku, where on may 29, 2019 will be the final of the Europa League, they find out the next day after Shakhtar and I hope Dynamo. There, in Monaco, August 31. While “Vorskla”, with its modest 8,226 ratio is in a virtual second basket, but, given the considerable number of clubs who go down into the Europa League via dropouts from the Champions League, and those who make their way from the bottom (Sevilla, Besiktas”, “Zenith”…) have her sown from the fourth basket.


2nd qualifying round

For the first time is going to start in Europe under the new name of the Mariupol club will start in the second qualifying round. Your opponent (or one of the two options, as is often the case) Azovtsev know June 19. The matches will be held on 26 July and 2 August.

“Mariupol” at this stage will be “seeded”. Likely to get the opponents forces, and, therefore, on July 23, will be held the draw for the third round, already can estimate the chances and the plan for further action. It may even be that the first opponent of the team, Alexander Babich will become the club from Eastern Europe and will not get monsters like the Scottish “Rangers”.

However, among the teams from the former Soviet Union have enough strong teams “Kairat”, Tbilisi “Dinamo”, “miner” from Salihorsk… More – much more complicated (“Seville”, “Besiktas”, “Leipzig”, “Olympiakos”, “Feyenord”…).

But let’s overcome the first hurdle. Where “Mariupol” will make opponents? Vexed question the answer to which will tell a lot.


3rd qualifying round

“Dawn” has failed, as in the previous two seasons, to start the European campaign with the group. Before the introduction in Europe in the summer and ended, though in 2014 the team was a step away from sensation – literally in seconds from the satisfied result in the away match with “Fatorda”. In 2015 Zarya tripped on the team easier – Legia…

Current first opponent Luhansk will be known on 23 July. Game of the third round – 9 and August 16. Zarya should be lost in sowing. Pairs 26. Among those who have earned the right to play at this stage, “dawn” with a ratio of 9.0 to seventh, above the “Istanbul Basaksehir” and “br√łndby”.

Adding two teams departed in the second round mechanincal of Champions League qualification, one of which is the factor above. In addition, 37 winners of the pairs second qualifying round of the Europa League. Zarya should be included among the first 26. But in the round of the playoffs if there will be taken no longer…

Eugene BELOZEROV, Sport-Express in Ukraine

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