The U.S. is concerned about reports of new arrests of gay men in Chechnya

Robert Palladino


The U.S. is concerned about reports of new arrests of gay men in Chechnya


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The state Department called on Russian authorities to immediately investigate reports of violations of human rights in this country

The United States expressed “deep concern” in connection with the reported resumption of attacks on members of the LGBTI community in Chechnya and called on Russia to ensure respect for human rights in the region.

“We are deeply concerned about credible reports from Chechnya about new attacks against people perceived as members of the LGBTI community,” said Deputy state Department spokesman Robert Palladino.

The state Department noted that, according to civil society organisations since December in Chechnya, were unlawfully detained at least 40 people, including two people who allegedly died in custody after torture.

“We call on Russia to uphold its international obligations and its own Constitution and to immediately begin an investigation into these human rights violations – said Palladino. We also urge the Russian Federation to ensure full respect for the rights of all human rights defenders in Chechnya and to immediately release those who were illegally detained, including [Director of the office of the human rights centre “memorial” in Chechnya] Ouba Titieva”.

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