The U.S. Congress turned to international banks for information on the relationship of the tramp with Russia

The house of representatives has sent subpoenas to the largest international banks with the requirement to provide information on transactions of U.S. President Donald trump with Russian banks.

The New York Times reported that the agenda was received, in particular, Deutsche Bank, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America.

A group of congressmen together with the Committee on financial services sent a request on April 15. Congressmen interested in the case that the banks were with the defendants in the list of suspected money laundering from Russia and other Eastern European countries. In respect of the Deutsche Bank investigation is from January 2019 with since the Democrats gained a majority in the lower house of Congress.

According to the head of the intelligence Committee of the house of representatives Adam Schiff, the Bank is cooperating with the investigation. Deutsche Bank representative Carrie McHugh confirmed that the Bank maintains with the committees productive dialogue.

At the time of inauguration of the President trump the Deutsche Bank had outstanding loans amounting to $ 340 million, according to his last Declaration. The Bank credited trump for decades, even when other banks had refused him the money. As of today Deutsche Bank has given out his institutions about $ 2 billion.

Eric trump, son of the U.S. President and Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization believes that the subpoenas are “unprecedented abuse of power” and “the last attempt of the Democrats in the House of representatives to attack the President and his family.

What is known about the Mueller investigation

The investigation lasted 22 months. During this time, in the case were charged 34 defendants, including the former head of the electoral headquarters of the trump by Paul Manafort and former lawyer, Michael Cohen.

Trump has repeatedly denied collusion with the Russian authorities and claimed that cooperate with them by his opponents – Democrats. The US President has demanded to publish a report Muller to drop charges against himself and his staff.

The issue of Russia’s intervention closed? No. Trump is not accused of interfering in the elections, however, Russia continues to believe involved. The report States that Moscow was trying to help the election campaign of trump. The main methods were cyber attacks and the activities of the “Agency of Internet research”.

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