The U.S. Congress banned the Trump to go with NATO

On January 22, the house of representatives of the United States Congress passed a bill that prohibits the White house to Donald Trump to use public funds to exit the Alliance.

It is reported The Hill.

The legislative initiative was supported by both warring parties. Voted 357 congressmen, against – 22.

This bill clearly reflects that Congress still believes in the mission that NATO performs, and try to prevent all amitrace attempts to undermine NATO and unilateral withdrawal from the Alliance
– said the leader of the majority in the house of representatives Democrat Steni Hoyer.

According to the information on the website of the Congress, the document was presented in Parliament on January 17. January 22, he was put to the vote.

Congress could formally ban the Trump exit from the block, however, can block funding for this purpose. This bill calls for NATO promised to spend 2% GDP on defense.

It is worth noting that the document before become law, it must pass a vote in the Senate, and then be sent for signature to the President of the United States. Trump can veto it, which Congress can then overcome if you collect enough of votes.

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