The top 10 countries in the world where increased housing prices in 2018: rating

By 2018, the world’s housing markets has slowed somewhat, but in Europe and parts of Asia saw the rise of home prices. Property 24 find out what place in the ratings is occupied by Ukraine.

Analysts at the Global Property Guide notes that during 2018, the trend towards appreciation of real estate was observed in 24 of the 45 world markets.

Housing prices fell in 21 States and 29 countries showed weaker momentum in 2018 compared to 2017. This indicates a slowing of growth in housing prices in the world.

Where the most expensive housing in 2018?

The fastest residential real estate rose in price in parts of Asia and most of Europe.

So, most significantly in 2018 jumped housing prices in European countries such as Malta (+10.5%) and the Netherlands (+8.5 percent), Germany (+6.8 percent), Ireland (+5,8%), Portugal (+5,4%), Slovakia (+5.3%) and Spain (+5.3 per cent).

The ranking of countries, where the most expensive residential property//

Earlier, Malta has topped the ranking of European countries, where in 2018, only faster, more expensive housing.

Prices for housing in Ukraine?

Ukraine is in the list of countries, where by the end of 2018, housing prices decreased. Global Property Guide notes that despite improved economic conditions, the housing market in Ukraine remains depressed.

During 2018 the prices of apartments on the secondary housing market in Kiev has decreased by 6.09% (adjusted for inflation) to an average price of $ 1 049 per square meter.

Analysts say that housing prices in Ukraine decreased during the last 5 years. Especially in the 2014 due to the devaluation of the hryvnia as a result of the military aggression of Russia.

Prices for residential property in Ukraine up to 2018 declined

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