The three worst events of 2018 from the point of view of science


The compilers of the rating believe that the research in which we studied the process of development of the embryo at an early stage, are the most valuable and successful held this year. They allow us to trace how the organism develops “cell by cell”, and how genes make each individual cell to “specialize”. In a press release this process compare with how the orchestra is able to create beautiful music when his musicians are trained to play different instruments. According to experts, this year alone has been studied in detail, the process of embryo development flat worms, fish, frogs and some other animals, and how to begin to form their bodies and limbs, were the subject of numerous scientific works.

This piece of bone the age of 50 000 years (view from different angles) was excavated in Denisova cave in Siberia in 2012. The bone belonged to a teenage girl, which was half of the Neandertals, half denysivka.

Also in the top ten breakthroughs, according to experts from Science, includes the discoveries made by experts in different fields of science . In particular, we are talking about first discovered the remains of the girls being descendants of the Neanderthals and the denisovans, and for the first time “caught” neutrino emitted by a blazar in a distant galaxy, and was recently found in Greenland crater with a diameter of about 31 kilometers. It is assumed that the meteorite that left this crater, could affect living beings across the Land, or at least its Northern hemisphere. It can also be noted that a significant portion of other discoveries in varying degrees, is related to genetics.


As for the three “failures”, such experts attributed to three situations. The first list referred to the deterioration of the ecological situation in the world, which rather helped than hindered many political decisions. The second mentioned a recent case where a Chinese geneticist Hae Cisangkuy said that was subjected to modification of the genome of the embryos of two twin girls. Although it is still not completely known whether this statement is fact, in the journal Science, such experiments are considered premature and extremely controversial from an ethical point of view. Finally, the three failures closes the fire that occurred in September at the National Museum of Brazil and caused the destruction of almost all stored precious items.

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