The temple found the remains of a sacrificed boy and a Jaguar


In Mexico city archeology unearthed important temple complex of the Aztec Templo Mayor. In it is found the remains of a sacrificed Jaguar and the boy. I believe that this may indicate the burial of the Supreme ruler of the Aztecs.

“Jaguar was dressed as a warrior, and the boy, as the God of war and sun of the Aztecs. Next found numerous decorations and knives. Animal and the child was found on a ritual platform, near the temple of Huitzilopochtli,” he told Reuters Leonardo lópez luján from the National Institute of anthropology and history .

The remains of the Jaguar is composed in a large stone box, which was located approximately at the center of the platform. Researchers have unearthed a tenth part of the container, but found a lot of artifacts in it, throwing spears and wooden disk with the emblem of Huitzilopochtli.

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Jaguar covered with a layer of shells, pieces of coral and starfish. There were also traces of pink mower – big bird collection ibises. In Aztec myths reapers escort the dead warriors and rulers in the underworld.

In Kiev, near the Church of the Saviour at Berestove carried out excavations and found an unusual burial of the XV-XVIII centuries.

“The funeral has an interesting design. Grave lined with fragments of ancient brick. If imitation sarcophagus. For the late medieval period – is unusual. ‘ve never met,” says archaeologists Sergey Taranenko


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