The team of Yulia Timoshenko demands to stop to charge the Ukrainians the artificial debts for gas

The government continues to mock the Ukrainians. More than 3 million households that have no meters, had three times increased bills for gas consumption.

This was a live broadcast on the TV channel ZIK said MP of the faction “Batkivshchyna” Vadim Ivchenko, according to the website of the party.

“The fault of the government and NTRAK now have a complete collapse in the system of management and regulation of the energy sector of Ukraine. More than 3 million households had three times increased bills for gas consumption, because in the absence of counters, its consumption is calculated by the inflated standards and more and at a higher price!” – he was indignant.

The politician said: according to the law, in order to have the counters they need to establish a regional gas tariff.

Vadim Ivchenko noted that the gas companies don’t just be billed according to the new standards, accrued debt in 3 years all households that do not have counters.

“The new bills has caused indignation of people, and Hoo, like other public institutions, do not give any explanation, which led to the debt for gas consumption. The impression is that money in all possible and impossible means is extracted from the pockets of Ukrainians to one candidate before the election under the guise of monetization of subsidies handed out to bribe voters,” – said the MP.

The team of Yulia Tymoshenko demands from the government and from NTRAK urgent, within 3 days to resolve and allow the rates of consumption of natural gas is justified, as well as to prevent the accrual of additional debts for natural gas.

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