The tax authorities already have a base income of the Belarusians, but want to expand it

They also told where to get information about the income of the Belarusians.

Authorities have repeatedly announced plans to create a database with extended information on the income of the population. Tax specialists said that such a database already exists, it is about its addition. While it includes information on income from the sale of real estate and transport, as well as on remittances from abroad. However, the authorities are thinking to add in the database also information on wages, transfers

As has told on a press-conferences the chief of Department of the taxation of physical persons of the Ministry of taxes and levies Mikhail Rassolko, “base of the income tax authorities have created, we are talking about its content.” Now it will automatically get data on income from the sale of real estate (they submit to the State property Committee), sales of vehicles (traffic police) and remittances from abroad (banks, post office, money transfer systems).

— Today we considered the question of loading the information about the income people receive for work, — said Mikhail Rassolko. — This work is aimed at creating citizens of the possibility to stop contact for references to any authorities or other state authorities not to compel citizens to contact for references. Accordingly, if you need information about the income of the citizen, the citizen may in a private office to obtain the appropriate information, print and use it.

Earlier in the MNF said that you want to include in the database information about all types of accrued income, not just salary, but also dividends, interest on Bank deposits and more.

The information that now exist in the database can also be useful for Belarusians. On the basis of pre-filled tax Declaration in electronic form. Accordingly, any person can log in to your personal office on the website of the revenue (this should be a time to come with your passport to any branch of the tax authorities and obtain a username and password), to form a Declaration on the basis of available information, to verify it, if necessary, to complete and submit online.

The tax authorities voiced the idea of creating a base at least 2018. It was assumed that it will start from 1 January 2019, but later the launch was postponed at the beginning of 2021. Now the establishment of such a database is listed in the rationale for inclusion of bills in a training plan for 2020, published on the website of the National centre of legislation and legal research.