The suspicion of treason, former chief of the General staff of the Zaman: what do we know about serviceman

The former head of the armed forces General staff Volodymyr Zaman, was arrested on suspicion of treason. He is accused of the reduction of the Armed forces in 2012 – 2014 years, as well as in the destruction of military commissariats, which blocked the mobilization of troops in 2014. Learn more about the biography of the suspect.

In addition, the chief Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios has accused Vladimir Zaman that during his tenure, signed and issued a Directive about the operational control of the Navy command of military units of the Air Mat: this reformatting in the Crimea gave significant advantages of the black sea fleet in monitoring and blocking stationed in the Crimea divisions of Armed Forces.

What is known about Zaman?

Zaman is originally from Chernihiv region, was born in a rural family in 1959. He graduated from the Kharkiv guards higher tank command school, military Academy of armored troops imeni Malinovskiy and the National Academy of defense of Ukraine.

Zaman served in Group of Soviet forces in Germany, and also in the Turkestan military district. There he was a tank platoon commander, tank company commander and chief of staff.

After graduating from the Military Academy Zaman continued service in the Odessa military district and a Northern operational command in the post of chief of staff: the Deputy commander of tank regiment, commander of tank regiment, commander of tank brigade, as well as head of educational training center for Junior professionals tank troops.

Vladimir Zaman and Viktor Yanukovych

In the zero Zaman is rapidly moving up the career ladder.

So, until may 2007, he commanded the 6 guards army corps of the Land forces of the APU.

From 2007 Zaman becomes the chief of Territorial administration of the Western operational command, and from 2009 she holds the chair of the Deputy commander of the Land forces of the armed forces combat training.

The rank suspected of treason Vladimir Zaman – the General-the Colonel.

Zaman is the chief of the General staff

For this position Zaman was appointed by President Yanukovych in 2012.

During his administration Volodymyr Zamana issued directives have reduced the staff of active military personnel on 5 tsac more than was required by law. So, he set a limit of the number of APU at 125 482 people.

He also oversaw the dissolution of the command of the air forces, anti-aircraft missile battalions and 19 aircraft parts.

After the annexation of Crimea Zaman accused the new Ukrainian government in the delivery of the Peninsula.

The Ukrainian army was ready to defend the Crimea, and the Ukrainian government – no. Nobody in the new government nor the defense of the Crimea or about the upcoming war thought. They shared portfolios from morning to night, although the Peninsula has flooded the Russian military began meetings
he said.

He also said that a month before the actual annexation of the Crimea in the Ukrainian General staff had developed a plan to counter attacks on the Peninsula. However, according to him, the then Prime Minister Yatsenyuk took the decision not to begin active actions in response to Russian aggression.

Zaman at the trial of treason Yanukovych

In particular, when Vladimir Zaman testified in the case of treason, Viktor Yanukovych, said the first reports about the aggravation of the situation in Crimea began to arrive in January 2014. He also claimed that it was talking about this with Oleksandr Turchynov. The latter calls it a lie.

When, like a bolt from the sky, seized the Supreme Rada of the Crimea – Turchynov and the company suddenly remembered about the army. The most infamous in this situation, they, as before, falsely accused of all military in Crimea treason! The accused, though they were afraid to put a signature to untie the hands of the military,
he said in March 2018.

By the way, the post of chief of the General staff of Zaman’s kind of left on their own. According to him, 18 Feb 2014 during the Euromaidan events, having received from the then state management of the order to use force against the protesters refused to obey the order and wrote a letter of resignation.

Zaman Pechersk district court of Kyiv on 25 February, he choose a measure of restraint

25 Feb Zaman detained, the court shall elect a measure of restraint. Asked by the judge regarding the suspect, he declared, the soldier said to read the charges against him – beneath his dignity.

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