The stolen party: How Petro Poroshenko for the presidency were nominated

The favorite in the presidential race is included in it with the unofficial motto “love me the way I am”. Other observations around the nomination of Petro Poroshenko – in the material Without Taboos.

Fun all the time. That’s how twenty years ago was nominated for the presidency? Submitted to the CEC documents, and the end of it. And there too or wait for the evening news, or the latest issue of some “Voice of Ukraine”. Now only one nomination process may give more cause for discussion than the whole of the subsequent campaign. The audience Tuesday show at the IEC on the left Bank will not be able to disagree with this statement.

So, with what and with whom the people candidate for re-election, Petro Poroshenko? First of all with change of signs in all senses. The President has no reason to move from BPP – on the ground of his party for four years of mangled wood such that the white-red flags even of the loyal electorate scare off. Take, still an unsolved murder case Catherine Gandzyuk, which featured a protege of presidential administration, the head of the Kherson regional state administration Andrey Gordeev. With which is the amazing coincidence that there’s no demand. And that’s just a dirty piece of the puzzle. So it is better as an independent candidate, truth be told.

In rhetoric, the same place Thomas as the main achievements took closer ties with the EU and NATO. This move was so obvious that further nowhere, especially after the PR on creation of ptsu characters like Junkies-Petrovsky.

On critical issues the President chose not to answer

Curious how much this is due to the not-yet-official changes in the presidential staff. It is not a secret that the current head of the presidential Administration Igor Rainin in the new year, began to rapidly deteriorate relations with the chief, and because of the campaign nominally meets his Deputy Vitaly Kovalchuk. However, leaked in the broader community information about the network of agitators, each of which is obliged to bring to the polling station for fifteen voting for the guarantor, under the leadership of Berezenko pretty confusing map. Here’s the life-giving and administrative resources.

Some clear internal hierarchy, however, came. Poroshenko peppered with compliments Volodymyr Groysman, it became clear: the Prime Minister with the authority of the cook recently still unrolled in a pancake and put in place. The President in fact was quite happy when the head of the government takes on part of his travel loads around the country and broadcasts the obvious on television. But their own political ambitions – no, no, it is not necessary. And so back to the market Director, you can roll in disgrace. Apparently, Vladimir Borisovich agreed to sit still and happily wagging his tail, depicting joy. If he received a live sugar bone.

Yes there Groisman – under pressure from the promised patronage of the cave, it turns out that even bronelobymi comrades, like Boris Filatov. Four years ago a situational ally and subordinate Igor Kolomoisky, a bonfire Poroshenko for the creation of a docile power vertical, he is in the most vertical willingly joined. However, to get out of the way of the Walter Sobchak of the Dnieper, the mayor flatly refused. This was evident not only in his thank-you speech in General at the IEC, but also in the traditionally fiery notes in social networks. There he suddenly subtly hinted that in a coffin seen Kononenko, Grineva, Berezenko staff and other rodents. Typical Filatov, without which it would be incredibly boring.

Evolution Of Boris Filatov

Enough and less visible, but important touches to the portrait of the candidate. A video message supposedly prigorovskaja in Austria Vitali Klitschko hinted that the party members all the very interested in the re-election of Peter I – the Boxing legend is worth to be considered rather as the leader of the UDAR party, not the head of the KSCA. Someone was surprised by the presence among the spectators of Dmitry Yarosh, but the former commander of “Right Sector” no longer has anything against Poroshenko and still serves as an Advisor Muzhenko. And the dinner menu is wonderfully absent from the products of Roshen. Although this is normal and European-if well meant – it was too blatant self-promotion get could.

The main conclusion suggests itself: the favorite in the presidential race is included in it with the unofficial motto “love me the way I am”. Any bezviz is a Rotterdam+ for the benefit of Akhmetov, the deprivation of the “agents in cassocks” of the Russian Orthodox Church has a monopoly on brain washing believers does not negate the impunity of the mundane pests like Medvedchuk (whose parallel, by the way, had its own wedding).

And the Steep way from Brussels to many, in General, is through Kononenko, Granovsky or other approximate “resale”. Obvious changes for the better are visible, but the tendency to mutual responsibility will not go away. Who we have there now Sergey Semochko according to the official version of the authorities, will not prompt? Oh yeah, an outstanding scout and almost the hero of Ukraine, despite the relatives – citizens of the Russian Federation, the property in the Crimea and participation in corruption schemes. If Petro Poroshenko wants to be seen in the usual form with all the advantages and disadvantages, so be it. But to perceive is not to vote.

The main star of the show

And don’t forget that the keywords of the event said not one of the politicians, and stole the audience of the party in less than a minute Les Podervyansky. Elections elections, and the Arctic Fox has long been a General on duty on the border.

By the way, it is no accident that to run for President Petro Poroshenko agreed in a landmark day on 29 January – that’s when the people celebrates the day of Peter-polyoma, it is revered as the patron Saint of cattle. On this day, our ancestors made an inspection and checked the amount of fodder for cattle remained in the second half of winter. As you can see, in politics there are no coincidences.

Vitaliy Mogilevskiy Without Taboos

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