The state budget for 2017 is exceeded by 9.2%





The state budget for 2017 in January-February was exceeded by 9.2%.

The revenues of the state budget of Ukraine in January-February 2017 amounted to 112,04 billion, which is 9.2% or 9.4 billion UAH exceeds the performance time schedule, the report said the State Treasury service on Thursday.

According to him, in comparison with January-February last year, revenues grew by of 41.45 billion UAH, or by 58.7%. The state Treasury said that the budget received 52,59 billion, which is 12% or 7.19 billion UAH less, but this is due to the fact that in January the reimbursement of value added tax (VAT) amounted to 0.03 billion, and the plan of revenues was exceeded by 38.7 per cent, or by 16.59 billion.

After two months of this year, in reimbursement of VAT was paid 17,01 billion, which is 6.6% higher than two months last year .

In General, tax revenues for Jan-Feb-2017 increased to the Jan-Feb-2016 80,8% – 62,25 billion, while customs – by 34.4%, to 40,35 billion. A temporary plan for two months of this year were exceeded respectively by 8.4% and 12%.

Overall the General Fund budget received for Jan-Feb-2017 105,22 billion UAH, which is 10% higher than the planned indicator and by 58.6% against Jan – Feb-2016.

The state Treasury also reported an increase in revenues of local budgets in the first two months of this year to 48.4% in the first two months of last year to 29 billion UAH, in particular, in February they increased by 43 percent to 16.36 billion.

Revenues unified social tax (Ust) in February 2017, when I first had to show the effect of increasing the minimum wage doubled to 3200 UAH, increased by Feb-2016 43.1% 13.55 billion.

In General, over the two months of ERUs increased by 24.2% to of 24.63 billion.

As reported, the revenues of the state budget of Ukraine in 2017 set at 731,03 billion UAH, including the General Fund – 673,74 billion, respectively by 20.3% and 17.1% higher than the income fixed in the state budget for 2016.

Expenditure budget this year is projected to total 800,03 billion UAH, including the General Fund – 739,71 billion UAH, exceeding the planned expenditures of the state budget-2016 respectively by 17.4% and 14.3%.

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