The son of a Ukrainian judge got married in a luxurious Palace Austria

The eldest son of the Chairman of the Supreme economic court of Ukraine Arthur Emelyanov 21-year-old Gleb, we got married in an old Austrian Palace Talheim, which is an hour drive from Vienna’s city centre.
This is reported by journalists of the program “Schemes” (a joint project of Radio Liberty and the canal “UA: First”) who caught the wedding reception October 6, shooting in Austria, the investigation of large income families judges Emelyanov.
Talheim Palace, built in the XVII century, now serves as a hotel and a venue for ceremonies and festive celebrations. Despite the fact that the area where the celebrations took place, was closed, the entourage of the wedding showed the guests of the festival, publishing photos and videos in social networks.

The guests were entertained by Russian singer of Georgian origin Soso Pavliashvili.
The son of a judge attends a prestigious private Swiss Institute Glion. The tuition here costs about 40 thousand dollars a year.
Austria as a place for the celebration of the wedding of the son was chosen by the family Emelyanov is not accidental: it is here in 2014, living with the children of the former judge’s wife Svetlana Emelyanova, renting an apartment with an area of 193 square meters in one of the most expensive streets in the heart of Vienna Herrengasse.
Ex-wife of a judge of the Supreme economic court of Ukraine Arthur Emelyanov Svetlana also owns numerous luxury properties in different parts of the world. Journalists “Schemes” note that divorce can have a dummy character to avoid having to declare a luxury property, issued on the now ex-wife.
The judge regularly visits Vienna. In addition, “Schema” found evidence of at least four foreign trips joint pair on holiday after a divorce during 2015 and 2016. They flew on Christmas holiday in Vienna, Berlin and Amsterdam, flying on the day of the birth of his son Arthur to Geneva, then rested in the Turkish Istanbul and Antalya. And every time, and flew back to Kiev together on the same flight.
In October, the journalists met Arthur Emelyanov in Vienna near the house in which, according to official records, the apartment takes Svetlana. However, the judge to communicate with journalists did not want to, just briefly said that it is ready in an interview to comment on all the facts. However, he declined to comment and promised to respond “Schemes” after returning from vacation.

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