The snow fell ice rink in Poltava

Photo: Yury IVANOV

Yesterday, January 24, Poltava, near the Park “victory” of the collapsed shelter of the hangar at the place where once was a skating rink. Could not stand the large amount of snow.

The place was visited by a journalist

The former ice arena reminiscent of ruins. The roof frame lying in the snow. The canvas cover is torn. The side of the rink is broken.

“Yesterday morning came to work and saw that part of the covering fell. Subsequently collapsed and another. It was a lot of snow, no one rejected, ” said an employee of the Park administration, asked not to be named. He added that the latest device of the ice arena was taken back in the summer. The rink does not apply to the Park. It is in private hands.

The Park with the dog walking Alla Mishchenko, lives nearby.

“Here was a great place for young people. Neighborhood children skated. Now is a dump, ” said the woman.

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January 10, the city Council has published a draft decision for the next session. We are talking about the fact that the deputies must provide consent on the location of the hotel and entertainment complex. Society “, BK Badlans” must obtain consent to the placement of the “Park Hotel” and allowing for the development of the project, where was rink – Sadovaya street, 7.

14 January in Reshetilovka, Poltava region, 9-year-old Valery Ilnitskaya icicle fell on his forehead. She knocked with a stick the ice from the roof of his private house.


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