The shortage of rolling stock is a key problem in the freight market in 2018

During 2018 the problem of shortage of rail cars to shippers have not decided. Even though the Park of cars in the country increased.

The lack of locomotive traction, and high degree of wear of the rolling stock “uz” continue to affect many shippers.

The problem of shortage of rolling stock remained relevant for 2018 for all shippers. The market reacted to the lack of construction of new gondola and the rising cost of attraction of the Park. As a result, the amount of working Park of rail cars in 2018 increased, including through procurement of 8000 new cars. But the growth was offset by a decrease in its turnover by 19%. Daily rates for the provision of wagons increased in 2018, 67%,
the consultant says “CTS-Consulting Paul Rudenko.

Such data leads and industry Association “Ukrmetallurgprom”. According to the President of the Association Alexander Kalenkova, the company “Metinvest”, which is the largest shipper in Ukraine, attracts transportation of both private and state fleet of cars. The share of shipments of “Metinvest” in cars for the BONDS is 29%. But because of the shortage of thrust and fall turnover of gondola cars in the warehouses GOK holding accumulated more than 1.4 million tons of products, and the occupancy rate of the warehouses have reached the technological limit.

Therefore, the company will incur a loss from not removed, and thus unsold products. In this case loss of foreign exchange revenues and decrease tax deductions to the budget amounted to more than UAH 2.3 billion.

However, the biggest operator of the gondola is the Centre of transport logistics UZ (CTLs). The share of shipments is 38.6%. Deliveries with GOK, Metinvest (Central GOK, InGOK, Northern GOK) in the Park tstl is to 30.1% (39.8% of Uzhok), cmcg – 50.6 per cent. The total share of shipments of raw materials and products of the company in the carriages tstl is 17.9% (25.9% of Uzhok), that is, the share of tstl load “Metinvest” significantly below its market share.

Predstavnik business are convinced that fair looks approach, which provides shippers with cars tstl in accordance with their share in the total volume of traffic.

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