The selection of the 2018 world Cup: Triumph of a bearded

Fatih Terim. Photo: Reuters

TURKEY – FINLAND – 2:0 (2:0)

Goals: Cenk Tosun 9 (1:0). Cenk Tosun, 13 (2:0).

Turkey: Babacan Volkan, Gökhan Gönül, Omer Toprak, Mehmet Topal Ismail Kabashi, Selçuk Inan, Arda Turan, Volkan Şen, Olcay Şahan (Emre Moore, 72), Yunus Malli (Okay Yokuslu, 63), Cenk Tosun (ENES Nsal, 84).

Finland: Gradecki, Arkivuo, Arouri Moisander, Dropped, Lod, Mattila (Agabi, 67), The Ring (Forssell, 84), Hetemaj, Pukki, Pohjanpalo (Markkanen, 72).

Punishment: Aruri, 38. Mattila, 43. Pukki, 68. The ring 75. Selcuk Inan, 85. Drop, 90+1 (warnings).

Referee: Gil (Spain).

March 24. Antalya. “Antalya Arena”.

Finns went to Antalya for the glasses, mindful of the positive balance of the previous meetings with the Turks and hoping for the strengthening in the face after the disqualification of the defender Niklas Moisander and returned to action after injury of striker “Bayer” Joel Pohjanpalo. Count on a speedy return of Roman Eremenko is not necessary.

However, the return of ACE special benefit not brought. Moisander is not able to organize a competent defense game, and Pohjanpalo was not similar to itself the sample of the beginning of the season when he scored four goals in the two opening rounds of the Bundesliga. True, at first, the guests looked even better hosts, even to dangerous things and not reached.

Almost without exception, bearded in varying degrees, the Turks, whose composition has undergone another renovation, the rush of the Finns appreciated, noted and frenetic support from the public (in addition to those present at the stands of Turkish flags received 70 thousand (!) fans missed the match!) got down to business.

Surprisingly, Arda Turan, only to return after disagreements with Fatih Terim Turkish national team started to win, was absolutely invisible: the owners preferred to develop attack the flanks, where they were active not only wingers Volkan şen and olcay şahan. On the flank and originated the first goal. Left back Ismail Kabashi, passing along the edge almost to the goal line, gave the transmission parallel to it, olcay şahan extended, and Jack misses at the far post to slot home.

This time. And “two” was only four minutes. Selcuk Inan from an angular sector on the right flank of the attack twisted cross to the near corner of the goalmouth, and Cenk Tosun, played ahead, head clipped the ball descended into the far corner. One hundred percent the fault of the defenders, allowed to break forward, but not the goalkeeper.

It was not his area of responsibility, and the trajectory of the ball, cut off from the head of Cenk Tosun, would leave in the dead zone of any goalkeeper. In General Lukas Hradecky remained only to carry out bending around it on the steep arc of the projectile sad helpless look.

All: the enthusiasm of the owners seemed to have disappeared. The visitors managed to take the ball under control, and about five minutes before the break, the midfielder of Chievo Perparim Hetemaj could revive the intrigue, piercing straight into the crossbar. Volkan Babacan, but the ball flight a little lower and to the left, and he, like Gradecki, would remain just an outside observer.

After the break within 45 minutes of the dangerous moments did not exist. And only in injury time the hosts had a cool chance to bring the score to devastating. The ENES Unal header metres from 12 hit the crossbar and Volkan şen and Arda Turan were unable to finish sheared off, not the ball.

Not to mention that uruchomiono for the Finns account has been added and personnel losses – defender Paulus, Arouri and midfielder Alexander Ring has received a warning, becoming for them a second in this qualifying campaign, and now miss the home game with Ukraine on June 12.

Meantime, on the agenda of both teams in test matches. 28 Mar Finns will play in Eskisehir with Austria, and the Turks in Eskisehir with Moldova (it’s funny that on Friday, these teams played each other in the selection of the 2018 world Cup. The Austrians won 2-0). Coach Fatih Terim, Turkey released to their clubs goalkeeper Volkan Babacan, defender Omer Toprak and winger Volkan şen. Gökhan Gönül will miss this meeting due to lung damage.

Markku KANERVA, head coach of Finland:

– The account is not on the game. Two shots on target – two goals. To these goals, that in the first, the second episode brought used even not complacency and loss of concentration by the defenders. It’s not enough and our attacking players. Was not good last pass.

But overall I’m happy with actions of the wards – as to the execution of the game plan and dedication. I can say that we have a basis on which to build a good team. It’s a shame that in June the game against Ukraine we won’t be able to use two of our main players, but I think we have someone to replace them.

Fatih TERIM, coach of Turkey:

The team fulfilled the game plan, and we got the tactics. Sometimes, especially in the beginning of the meeting, someone might seem that the Finns are able to pose problems to us, but it was a wrong feeling. We all 90 minutes and kept the game under control, except that after two goals scored allowed himself to relax a little.

Well, in the opening game, the opponent just ran on enthusiasm. But we managed it quickly cool. At any time the team was ready to add, and the last minutes of the match confirmed it.

Eugene BELOZEROV, Sport-Express in Ukraine

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