The selection of the 2018 world Cup: Torpedo Kalinic

Friday. Zagreb. The Maksimir Stadium. Croatia – Ukraine – 1:0. Domagoj VIDA against Yevhen SELEZNYOV. Photo of Paul KUBANOVA, “SE”

The Croatian press did not hide delight from a victory over one of the main competitors, noting a great atmosphere in the stadium and the hero of the match striker Nikola Kalinic, who has just disqualification Ivan Perisic was allowed to become a player of the starting lineup emphasizes that Croatia beat Ukraine without torches in the stands, and other nasty things, and the match, which brought together 27 351 the spectator, for the first time in a long time, makes no reason to fear sanctions from UEFA and FIFA.

Fans with flags, on which were written the names of the settlements where they came from (not only, by the way, from Croatia), passionately supported their team and chanting slogans was not politics, no insults. Pyrotechnics – not have been involved until the 88th minute. The efforts of more than 550 guards and five hundred employees were not in vain – no excesses were not.

Marked and the behavior of the Ukrainian fans, and they arrived at the 27 bus, breaking 26-hour journey, more than two thousand. He fraternized with the Croatian colleagues who together sang songs and drank beer before “Maksimir”. And yet – laid flowers at located at the entrance to the stadium, the monument to the fallen Croatian soldiers, among whom were many of the fans.

Praised Index and Ante Cacica, availablego at high risk, although the obvious choice in attack, where he had a bet on Nikola Kalinic and Mario Mandzukic went to the left flank. Attacking “Maximize” in recent years, score as not very (same mandžukić last scored here back in November of 2013), but Kalinic managed to do just what you want from a striker.


“Supernice” drilling in the Ukraine and leads us to the world Cup,” writes And he continues: “Master strike of Calais brought three points which might be crucial. Be at the gate at least two Pyatov, though he Buffon, no one would be able to reflect this impact”.

And the coach “went”. “The first official match Ante Cacica in front of their fans was just perfect. When this team is growing from game to game. Saw the football Association before the game with Ukraine knowingly signed a new contract with him. Under the leadership Cacica team achieved 13 wins in 19 matches. This is a 68.4 per cent.

His predecessors can boast of the kind: the Slaven Bilic was 42 wins in 65 games, and that 64.6 per cent. Igor Štimac from 15 matches won 8. Besides him, 50 percent and more victories won only Niko Kovac (10 wins in 19 matches) and Mirko jozic (18 games, 9 victories).

Itself Miroslav Blazevic, who watched the game in the company of Jose Mourinho and Predrag Mijatovic, said that Čačić doing a good job, and the contract was extended completely in the case. By the way, the chiro – 33 wins in 72 games…”


Vecernji List can’t pass full “Maksimira”. “A pleasure to see on the podium after the disqualification, – writes the journalist of this edition. For the first time in two years, “Maksimir” was Packed to overflowing on the game team, was sold out. Wonderful atmosphere back to the stadium…

The Croats started the game, but the Ukrainians can not be called toothless. Yarmolenko repeatedly beat Pilarica on the flank, but the other defenders and subašić played very well.”

This publication also underlines the fact that it was possible to do without conflicts. “The Cup was filled to the brim, but there were no incidents. The fans also made a significant contribution to the victory over the main competitor. The team of Andriy Shevchenko, too, until Friday had not lost…”


“Bravo Vatreni!” writes Jutarnji List. The publication notes the factors which, in his opinion, ensured the victory. Behind the reliability of domagoj Vida, peace of mind which gave confidence to less experienced colleagues on the defensive line.

Ahead of the grit and aggressiveness of Nikola Kalinic, who made what is required of a striker, in midfield – a clear understanding of each of their functions. From Milan Badelj who worked mainly for the protection of the approaches to the penalty area, and Luka Modric, which the original position is defensive midfielder did not interfere, the Central midfielder Ivan Rakitic, providing the link between defence and attack, and edges that prevented Yarmolenko and Konoplyanka to forget that no one alive attack football. But all together it was very concentrated…

Eugene BELOZEROV, Sport-Express in Ukraine

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