The selection of the 2018 world Cup: Three days

Tuesday. Stadium “Laugardalsvellur”. Iceland – Ukraine – 2:0. Fight for the ball at the gate of Andrei PYATOV. Photo of Paul KUBANOVA, “SE”

“From love to hate – three days,” wrote after the match in Reykjavik on his page in the social network Olexandr shovkovskyi, implying a radical change in the relationship of fans to the national team, who managed to hold for a short time, perhaps, the best and worst match under the leadership of Andriy Shevchenko.

“SE” has collected comments of direct participants in the Tuesday match.

About the key episode, violated more or less equal throughout the game, said after the match our coach and the players of the Ukrainian team and their opponents.

– I went with this player (Gudmundsson. – Approx. “SE”), but released to intercept Pyatov shouted: “I am!” and I had to stop – later recalled Mykola Matvienko. Icelandic football player ran into our goalie and knocked him to the ground, the ball popped up and we missed. Why the referee counted the goal, not undertake to judge…

My first goal immediately opened the game he loves our team, – smiled who scored twice in the match Gylfi Sigurdsson. – Want to know my opinion, was the violation of Gudmundsson against the goalie? I tell you this: Johann is not a major player, but he’s definitely a powerful guy.

We still have to study the episode from all angles, but there is no doubt that the game was decided in it, – says Andriy Shevchenko. – The disputed point, the referee decided that the violations against Pyatov was not. After that, we lost, we conceded the second goal, began to rush, giving the opponent to counterattack. We lost the game thread, although they should continue to do what we agreed on installation.


– You should learn from the mistakes and continue to bend the line, – in absentia agreed Taras Stepanenko. Even losing, you need to adhere to the agreements reached in the locker room. If will break down everything that was agreed in advance – in the games of such level it will be very hard.

Unfair disallowed goal, we were knocked down, – told Andriy Yarmolenko. – We somehow found it difficult to meet after this. Then as the opponent the first goal only inspired. And rostrum strongly drove the Icelanders forward.

– Actually, the 0:1 is the account in which it is possible for the minute to change everything and return to normal, firmly convinced Stepanenko. But it so happened that we lost the game thread, almost lost the fight, there was a lot of inaccurate passes and does strange things. This rival and used the second conceded goal – a regular supply from the flank.

– Once in the lead, Iceland began to be compact, closed and brought the match to its logical conclusion – briefly summarized Matvienko. Is their game: fight, fight, fight. But nothing is lost: you just need to win in October, the remaining two matches…


– We will see what place wrestle – this is the opinion of Shevchenko. – In our group there are no easy matches and no favourites – there are four teams that are fighting for first two places. Any team in Reykjavik, it will be difficult, however, and from Kiev to a command so just did not leave will not leave. We have two more match – and while you have the chance, no the head will not lower. Everything will be decided in the last round. Icelanders go to Turkey, the Croats will come to Ukraine.

– And if in General, I would not say that today we played bad, – Yarmolenko even in the lost match was trying to find the positive. – Statistics confirms this: we were the better team in terms of ball possession, but the Icelanders of the three shots on target managed to squeeze two goals. So to some extent they were lucky today.

– From the point of view of the result we lost, but from the point of view of the game – in any case, Shevchenko also did not agree with the rampant status of the match in Reykjavik. Too much energy spent in the match with Turkey, then had a long flight. It was logical to produce more than fresh players. And knowing that we will have more control of the ball, decided to enter into the composition of Rakitskiy.

Thank you guys for that, not playing for three or four months in the clubs, they played two match in a few days. Without regular match practice is very difficult. Therefore, we have dropped some positions.


Shevchenko did not agree with the fact that after the victory over the Turkey team in a meeting with Iceland looked emotionally empty:

I saw the desire, the focus. However, it was hard to play. Team the Icelanders power, with powerful players. After all, as we scored goals? As a result of the counterattack by a large group of players. And any free-kick out on the part of Icelanders – almost always a dangerous moment. Today we worked and worked. However, one episode changed the outcome of the match. Why such different work periods? Noticed only the failure within ten minutes after the first goal…

– We have not seen in the performance of the national team of Iceland some supertechnical game, – said Stepanenko. – We just broke and ran. Don’t remember when Icelanders lost the house. They all just destroy his field. It’s a shame that missed out on the 47 minute – I’m not even talking about whether it’s fair. If not for a fast missed goal, the game would have been very different.

Not enough to reliably play Central Midfielders Shevchenko commented as follows:

– Malinowski was a good match. Stepanenko tired, and we needed to get creative. Understood that Iceland, given the current expense, will defend a large number of players. So I try to release those who will find space between the lines. The chances were created, but unfortunately, it was not the…

Vadim ANDREEV, Sport-Express in Ukraine

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