The selection of the 2018 world Cup: the Team on the water (VIDEO)

Andriy YARMOLENKO, Viktor KOVALENKO, Serhiy SYDORCHUK and Oleksandr ZINCHENKO. Photo of Paul KUBANOVA, “SE”

Austria is not the first time becomes a place of a dislocation of our national team. Here she was visiting in June 2015, preparing to fight with Georgia. Then – in a miniature bad-Celle, now in as tiny bad tatzmanndorf.

The prefix “bad” in the name of the city means resort status with the presence of mineral waters. The name Tatzmannsdorf she added almost ninety years ago, when the region began to open and other resorts. In bad Tatzmannsdorf are several thermal springs, used since the seventeenth century.

– Austria choose a team – shared two years ago, the then captain of our team Anatoliy Tymoshchuk with journalists. – There is a professionally-trained lawns, and healing mountain air. In one word – everything you need for quality work, recuperation and recreation.

In a town with a population of polutoratysyachnogo Ukrainian delegation arrived on Saturday afternoon, after spending a little over three hours to cover the distance in 1446 kilometres. First, our team flew on the route Kiev – Graz, and then get to bad Tatzmannsdorf by bus. At the airport of Graz joined the team Ruslan Malinovsky, successfully acting in the part of the Belgian “Genk”. Our legionary traveled to Austria from Brussels, having made the transplant in Frankfurt am main.

From the first minutes of stay in the Austrian state tired of the chilly March Ukrainians lifted the mood in nice warm weather. At the end of last week in the South-East of Austria the thermometer showed from 13 to 17 degrees above zero.

Unlike the lion’s share of guests in bad Tatzmannsdorf, Ukrainians are more focused not on vacation and work. Devoting part of the recovery procedures Saturday, Sunday wards of Andrey Shevchenko gave the first class on Austrian mini-camp. To it exactly had three of our players playing abroad, Yevhen Konoplyanka from Schalke, Oleksandr Zinchenko from PSV and Artem Fedetskyy from “Darmstadt”.

For Linnets club are not so far, but he does not lose optimism. How could it be otherwise, if the players are always “locked” into a positive. Given the unenviable status of the former leader of the “Dnepr” in the German club, this is the case, when the player and the team give each other a lot of useful information.

Fans are hoping that the longing for performances at the heart of the Linnet in the national team is able to provide all the energy and emotions accumulated over time sitting on the bench for Schalke. And while Eugene enjoys plenty of stay in the company of old friends and colleagues in the profession that not so long ago appeared on the field in the “Dnepr” and the national team.

For one of the former teammates Konoplyanka Roman Zozulya – call in the main team of the country in order of importance is more significant. Everyone knows that for reasons beyond football reasons, his Spanish career, the company has developed worse than ever. Thank God, epic Rayo Vallecano is over, and now to ensure an invitation to the national team as it is impossible by the way. It is for zozuli like outlet.

In the work program yesterday consisted of two training sessions. The coaching staff is doing everything to ensure that the players work with pleasure. Judging by the smiles and the traditional antics on the part of the old-timers and wit, the mood before the match against Croatia our guys are good.

It immediately felt joined the team ahead of Denis Boyko, Yevhen Seleznyov, Yevhen Shakhov, Artem Kravets and Ivan Petryak. All five arrived in the national team with a delay for valid reasons – they were involved in matches for their clubs in the Championships of Turkey, Greece, Spain and Ukraine.

In bad Tatzmannsdorf the team will be until March 22. On this day the Ukrainian national team will hold a morning session and in the afternoon will travel to Zagreb. In the capital of Croatia, which from the current locations separated by 270 miles, is scheduled to arrive for dinner. And while our team carefully studies the opponent, which will hold this year’s first official match.

The game with Croatia for Shevchenko has a special significance. Helmsman of the national team is certainly remembered for a duel twenty years ago, when in the playoffs the 1998 world Cup Ukraine has not managed to overcome the barrier of the Balkan in the two matches…

Vyacheslav KULCHITSKIY, Sport-Ekspress in Ukraine

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